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  1. I am trying to move a copy of a pagelines website to a dev environment. I have followed the tutorial here: http://www.pagelines.com/wiki/How_to_Migrate_PageLines_from_Another_Site I have exported and imported the xml files for wordpress i have exported and imported the dat file for pagelines - when exporting/importing I selected all check boxes. Problem #1:The new dev site does not look correct. The CSS does not appear to be working correctly. I used the Custom Code section in Pagelines admin to make changes. Problem #2: none of the Banners or Boxes seemed to move over. Any help on this would be appreciated. correct site (export) http://rainbowtutoring.org/ new dev site (import) http://dev.rainbowtutoring.org/dev/
  2. Decided to jump on the bandwagon and give MAMP a try. I successfully created my PL site, imported my files and db to my host server using MAMP and Transmit. However, local changes have since been made to the local files. I uploaded the wp-content and wp-includes using a ftp transfer via Transmit. I can see the updated files sitting on my server, however, they're not displaying on my live website. (Cache has been cleared). Am I missing a step (or two or three) somewhere? Would really like to get the hang of this so I can actually start being productive instead of spinning my wheels. Ugh... Thanks in advance for your patience...and support!
  3. I exported a site from www.gosober.org and put it on www.thomashoben.com to upgrade it to pagelines. Now that we are done I am trying to move it back to www.gosober.org I installed pagelines and when I try to import the wordpress file I get "media and pages already exist" alerts and when I click "have fun" the site looks similar to the new site but none of the new content is there (because the pages are still named the same). None of the new menus & sidebar menus are there. What should I do to get the files to overwrite the old ones?