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  1. Hi there, looking to style the excerpt AND META- BAR I see on blog page and post page. This didnt work: .fpost .post-excerpt { margin: .8em 0; font-style: normal;} nor did this: .fpost aside.post-excerpt { margin: .8em 0; font-style: normal;} Thanks as always
  2. Hi Nick, I just bought the Anyloop section and installed it. What I would like to do with it is to make a section on my hompage where I can show some post (News). I would like to show the title, the date and an the first couple of lines of the post, plus a read more link. This is the site: http://health-gradient.eu/ At the moment It displays the posts fine but I don't need the full post to display, only the things explained above. I don't seem to be able to do that. Just to be clear, I can not just flick out my default PostLoop sections because my site is actually build on this. I want to use the Anyloop in addition to this. Could you please help me on this. Thank you. Kind regards Christel
  3. Dear friends, I'm quite new to Wordpress and I'm trying to manage Platform theme in order to publish a new travel website (www.travelog.it) I can't succeed on publish "page excerpts" in Homepage. Post excerpts they do work, but I didn't find any solution to provide Page ones (even adding proper code on functions.php) Can you please help me on solve this little problem? Thank you in advance, Adriano
  4. HI, I have just joined pagelines family for not more than 24 hours, I would like to ask can i customize the excerpt that is shown on pinpost? i want to use some designated text like the classic post excerpt, I would also like to change the metas shown like the date, the category, or the number of words that can be viewed. but it seems it doesn't support this, am i correct? how can i customize it, thank you~
  5. Hi guys, The number of excerpt that appear in a category page seems to be limited to 10 like in that case : http://www.criesthubert.be/wordpress/category/familles I have 12 articles in that category, so 2 are not showed... How can I do to make all of them appear as excerpt? Is it possible to increase the number of excerpt on the same page or to add a "Previous Entries" button like in the Blog page? Thank you ! olivier
  6. I'm truing to remove the entire excerpt wording and display the thumbnail and title only. I'm close http://www.capecodspecialties.com/category/gift-baskets-wo-baskets/ Trying to get rid of the [...] I isolated /* [...] */ .post-excerpt { display:none; } but saw no change. Any suggestions?
  7. Hi everyone, i am rebuilding my website from scratch and i would like to start using the PostPins section. I managed to customize it pretty much, it a good plugin which allowed me that but i a cannot find the part of the code where i can change the number of words or the size of the summary / excerpt section to add more rows / words not just 3 as it comes by default. Photo attached. Anyone knows how to do this?
  8. Hi. I'm developing a site for a client using the latest release of Pagelines and they'd like to have a post covering their latest issue of their magazine kept sticky on the front page. The sticky part is easy and working fine along with the rest of the site. What I can't figure out is how to display the full content of that post on the front page only and have the rest display as excerpts only. The front page as it stands now is here http://tamiyamodelmagazine.com/ I now need to get this post to show in full on the front page with its subscribe button etc so visitors are encouraged to subscribe etc. http://tamiyamodelmagazine.com/blog/2012/09/25/welcome-to-tamiya-model-magazine-international/ Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards Justin
  9. Hello! I have two questions about the Postpin section: Will this section support WordPress excerpts (instead of picking the beginning of each post)? Or maybe there is already a solution I missed? I disabled the Mobile View mode in 'Pagelines > Site Options > Layout Editor' on my website [www.photoreview.fr]. Why Postpin section displays 4 columns on Firefox (on my computer) whereas there are 3 columns on Safari iApp (iPad / iPhone)? How to fixed it (I would like to see 4 columns on mobile devices)? Thank you for your kind help! Jean-Philippe