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  1. Am perplexed. Yesterday everything worked fine. Today my pagelines custom css only partially loaded. In particular the following tags were ignored, even though they worked before and still work in chrome inspect element: @media all {a {text-decoration: underline;}} @media all {h1, .fpost .entry-title {font-size: 24px;}} @media all {h2, .fpost {font-size: 18px;}} @media all {h3, .fpost {font-size: 14px;}} I deactivated every single plugin on my site thinking maybe there was a conflict. Nothing. I did it again paying special attention to all the ones loading css stylesheets. Nothing. Even with only the 4 pagelines stylesheets loading my h1, h2, h3 custom css above were ignored (and a couple of other minor formatting). Then I clicked on advanced / enable debug and all my custom css get loaded again. Unclick it and I am back to perplexed because it's not working. What am I missing? Here is the site: http://www.laughteryogaamerica.com