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  1. How to Edit the RSS Feed

    Hello!   I'm wondering where I can get a better RSS button, and how do I edit the RSS button displayed in the mobile format!   Thank You!
  2. I am currently having a strange issue... When one takes a look here: http://fumitol.com/about/ you will notice that there is a mysterious edit button after my text about me. I'm not sure what I have done to make this happen.
  3. I'm trying to edit the nav in pagelines. Can you give me snippets of code for each of these categories of changes please...? color of static nav text font of static nav text size of static nav text hover color Thank you so much!
  4. Frameworks 2.3 Problems

    Recently updated to Frameworks 2.3. Love Frameworks but I think something is wrong, either buggy or my installation is corrupted.Here's what happens: I go to Features=> edit=> full size-feature background image=> I edit the link displayed=>save meta settings: The result is that the whole page refreshes and changes from an "edit feature" page to an "edit post" page, the feature is then removed from the Features list. That's gotta be wrong. Same thing happens with boxes. How do I edit features/boxes and preserve them? I've been dealing with this all day and losing ground. Help!