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  1. I watched the video on you tube about how to make a second section. So I was really experimenting at the time and did this in the Drag and Drop section and made a 2nd section of Quickslider and it worked just like the video showed! Went to bed, got up the next morning and went to do some more admin work on the site and when I know go to look at the Page options, Site Defaults looks fine with all the normal sections (no #2 for Quickslider). But all the other page defaults (Blog down to 404) now have #2's for every section and the originals defaults are missing except for Quickslider which is still there with Quickslider #2. If I go to Drag & Drop the original sections show up but I can no longer hide as no options but I can still clone (haven't tried it though). So I'm stuck using the default settings at the moment rather than having the freedom of being able to use the page options etc. I've uploaded some screen shots for clarity in case what I've written doesn't make sense.
  2. Widgets are duplicating

    Hi. I've added some widgets to the Primary Sidebar. All are just standard widgets lie pages, categories, etc.- nothing funky. I get a duplicate of the same widgets right below the first ones. Setting? Bug? Thanks.