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  1. http://nikkinicolephoto.com/joey/   I would like when rolling over the main navigation, for the dropdown to go horizontally across and above the logo. The child pages would be in a single line to the right instead of stacked.   May I have assistance with the CSS? I can fine tune the adjustments afterwards, I just am not sure how to make them go from stacked to inline.   Thanks!!!
  2. Dropdown menu not working

    Hi all, my client just contacted me and told me that the drop down menu on the site stopped working. I reviewed the site and it no longer works. The site has been running great for about two years no issues. Now the menus stop working. Does anyone know why this is happing or how to fix the issue. Website Thank you
  3. Hi There I am trying to change the background colour behind the sub-menu links in the dropdown menu on this page http://thelearningroom.co.nz/?page_id=23 It is currently grey and I want it to be the same color as the background of the topline links. I am using the firebug selector tool but it is very hard to get the right selector to change the css for this, as firefox is not displaying the dropdown correctly. When I hover over a topline link like "Solutions", the dropdown menu appears but when I move the cursor down the dropdow menu disappears. This problem seems to only be happenign in Firefox. So I have 2 questions: 1- Is there anything I can do to help the dropdown display in Firefox? 2- Can you please give me some help with the correct css selector to change the background color and font size of the submenu links in the dropdown many thanks for your help
  4. I upgraded ambitioninsight.com to the latest version of Pagelines Framework and suddenly my dropdown nav items no longer work, and my font choice "droid sans" no longer shows the correct font. Other fonts still work. I verified Droid Sans and Allow DropDown Nav menus are both selected from within the admin panel. Please help, thanks Did nothing more than upgrade to latest version of PL Framework
  5. Hi, I created a custom post type named "Podcast". I noticed that this created a "Podcast Archive" template in Pagelines' Drag N Drop. After configuring the new template, I tried to create a new page with the "Podcast Archive" template but it does not show up in the dropdown. How can I assign the "Podcast Archive" template to a new page? Thanks.
  6. My dropdown menu is not working when I test it on the iPad... What do I need to do to make it work? Thank you