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  1. I am having an issue with DMS editor not loading. Just keeps spinning and spinning. Have tried several things - Logged in and out, cleared cache, deactivated all plugins, but the issue persists. I even had our host restore from a backup a few weeks ago, when I know it WAS working, as I edited a text box on the homepage. The restore from backup didn't help either. Also, the front end of the site shows that the site is framed, or boxed now (whatever you call it), instead of full width as it was previously (last week). Dev console shows that there are php errors in Google maps - file is attached. Can someone please help? Not sure what else I can do here... Thanks in advance. -Matt
  2. Hi I found this topic which talks about a similar issue I am having, but a little different. Hope someone can help me out. Best way to see the problem is to view http://cassclayton.com/ on Safari (Mac) compared to Firefox or Chrome. You will see the banner just under the fixed menubar has a gap between the menubar and top of the banner. Looking at Inspector, I found: <div class="fixed-top-pusher" style="height: 62px;"></div> <script> jQuery('.fixed-top-pusher').height( jQuery('.pl-fixed-top').height() ) </script> and indeed it seems the jquery is not always working consistently. For instance, if you simply refresh the page in Safari, it will loose the gap and all looks fine, so is it a browser cache issue that is interacting with the jquery? I do have W3 Total Cache installed. There must be a way to tell the code to make sure jquery is up and running and available to do it's majic? And perhaps there is just a better way to do this banner? Originally I tried several DMS sections and used the banner image as background, etc... Kept running into problems with resizing and the left/right parts of the image were getting chopped off. It is important the whole image show, so currently I just use a NextBox section with this code: <img src="[pl_site_url]/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/CassClayton-blues-tribute-banner.jpg" width="100%" /> and it looks the way it should. Is there a better way to place a banner graphic under a fixed navbar and make sure the whole banner graphic displays regardless of screensize?
  3. DMS editor not loading

    I am having an issue with DMS editor not loading. Just keeps spinning and spinning. Have tried several things - Logged in and out, cleared cache, deactivated all plugins, but the issue persists. I even had our host restore from a backup a week ago, when I know it WAS working, as I edited a text box on the homepage. The restore from backup didn't help either. Also, the front end of the site shows that the site is framed, or boxed now (whatever you call it), instead of full width as it was previously (last week). Dev console shows that there are php errors in Google maps - file is attached. Can someone please help? Not sure what else I can do here... Thanks in advance. -Matt
  4. [Solved] Generated google analytics tags

    Hi everyone, what happens is that the web page metrosalarmas.com has a google tags which I have not attacked where I can look to remove those tags and be able to locate the correct ones.
  5. Hi everyone, Flywheel have reported errors on my clients site 'www.racewaredirect.co.uk' and it's not loading. Can someone please provide some information on how to fix this? The site has never experienced these issues before. Thanks, James Wilson
  6. Hi there, I've got an issue with 3 websites built with DMS since I migrated them from http to https that I need help with please. When any changes are made - e.g. new posts added or existing posts amended - certain sections of the live site seem to break e.g. image headers hang and don't load (b/g on canvas section), sliders hang and don't load (Revslider), flipper section doesn't load. Logging in and then clicking 'Edit the site using DMS' seems to fix the problem. Often if I try to open up another browser window to edit the site / re publish I'm unable to as the page wont load / hangs while trying to load. Any ideas how to fix this? On a couple of the sites I've installed a caching plugin as I thought it might be a loading speed issue but it's still happening. Website URL's can be provided privately. Many thanks in advance.
  7. Hello There, So i want to use platform 5 and DMS sections on a single page, i am using a child theme with pinspro as my main theme and i activated platform 5, the only problem am having so far is the fixed option, my navbars are not aligning to their default size, and it will be great if platform 5 header and footer section will function, has anyone used this option, how can i make the best use of platform 5 and DMS on a site Cheers
  8. Hi, I desperately need to deactivate the responsive function on mobile for reasons. It looks so messy with the responsive look on mobile and not navigating or informative at all as it is. I searched for solutions online and tries some of those that I found but nothing worked out. Also I found a previous post on this forum says that this theme pagelines DMS is not meant to be build to deactivate the responsive function... Also tried with widget such as WPtouch to edit the mobile look a little more informative but as I am using "single page" theme on pagelines, the frontpage(main page) never appears on those app. Seems like not compatible? If there is no way to deactivate responsive function or I'll have to recreate another page just dedicated for a mobile page? or change the theme completely and build a page from scratch? I have been searching for this for two days already... Could anyone wise and kind out there, please help me? Thanks,
  9. Hello there. I am trying to have all the ® symbols throughout my website superscript without having to individually go to each symbol and wrap them in <sup> tags. There is quite a bit of them. I have the following code within the Custom Scripts, but it seems to cause issues with the Hamburger navigation, as it does not seem to work. Can you offer up some assistance? <script> jQuery(document).ready(function() { jQuery("body").html( jQuery("body").html().replace(/®/gi, '<sup>®</sup>').replace(/®/gi, '<sup>®</sup>') ); }); </script>
  10. I made changes to a page, hit "publish" and refreshed. All sections except for the first two had been moved into the header section of the entire site. I put them all back, hit publish and refresh again, and they're back in the header again. I've repeated this process several times with the same result. You can view the page I was working on here: http://adaptiva.staging.wpengine.com/windows-10 This is an urgent matter, so any immediate assistance is greatly appreciated.
  11. About month ago, I noticed that pl-config file which was downloaded from my site has just 1kb in size. No code inside the file. Is anyone has same issue? I am using DMS pl-config_2016-10-28_09-02-39.json
  12. Confused about your products

    Hi, I am confused about the products your are offering. What is DMS, Platform and Pagelines!?
  13. Hello there, We have started experiencing a crippling issue within the last few days. It seems that ever since three days ago the CSS will not load for our pages outside of the DMS editor. Inside of the editor everything appears to be looking fine, but after publishing and viewing the page in a new browser our elements are all over the place, and in the console it appears that there is an error stating that the CSS did not get loaded. Looking through FTP, it seems that the two CSS files in the pagelines folder in wp-content are now missing. We did not access this folder or modify any files prior to this. What kind of problem could this be? We are totally halted on any work we can perform until this is solved, so any help would be greatly appreciated. An example of the phenomenon: http://datesafe2.21thirteenhost.com/category/ask-mike/ Best, Perry
  14. DMS Page Will Not Load

    I am having problems with the DMS loading to edit our website. It looks like JavaScript errors "Uncaught Syntax Error - Unexpected Number" and " Uncaught Syntax Error - Can not read property lang". I REALLY need to fix this but I don't know what I am suppose to fix and where. I would appreciate it if someone could help me with this. I REALLY need to update our website. Thank You, Justine
  15. I'm building a website in a dev environment at I want to import a bunch of products, and then have the products have a different template than the default template. I also want to change the default template for blog posts. Before I go making changes, can I do this where the post type of "products" has its own global template, and the same with blog posts? For instance, in a product I might want to have a widget for categories, similar products, etc., and in the blog I may want list of the latest posts, blog categories, link to an email sign-up landing page, etc. Thanks. Rich
  16. Hello there, We are still using DMS 2 and were wondering if it was at all compatible with slider revolution. (https://codecanyon.net/item/slider-revolution-responsive-wordpress-plugin/2751380). Our issue is that the default revslider for DMS clips the top and sides of videos when made responsive. As the video is made smaller or larger the bottom of it tends to be cut off, or the sides are. We noticed slider revolution was 100% responsive, but have had numerous issues even getting it to display in DMS 2. We have tried using the shortcode, and various php scripts to no avail. Our last attempt was to try and load it with header scripts, but at this point we seem to be further away than ever. This leads me to a few questions: 1. Is Slider Revolution even compatible with DMS2? 2. Is there a way we can get 100% responsive video in DMS 2 with zero clipping? (tonyrobbins.com is another good example of the effect we are trying to achieve.) 3. If Slider Revolution is compatible, how do we go about adding it in? Thank you for any help.
  17. DMS Won't Load

    Up until last Friday I hadn't had any issues with the DMS loading so I could update the pages on our website. I went to the trouble issues page and deactivated and reactivated plugins. That did not seem to make a difference. When I went to View > Developer > JavaScript Console there are 2 JS errors. I am not sure how to fix them. See attachment for the errors. Please help. I can't update the content of the website without the DMS unless someone has answer to that as well. Thank You.
  18. Hi Everyone, I am running into an issue with the DMS Professional Tools Plugin. When active I get this error: Notice: Use of undefined constant CORE_VERSION - assumed 'CORE_VERSION' in /home/ktyner44/public_html/wp-content/plugins/dms-plugin-pro/libs/class.hacks.php on line 53 Please help if you can. Thank you in advance. Bentley
  19. DMS to Platform 5

    Hi, I run DMS2 on my website. It seems like everything is moving over to Platform 5 with Framework as the theme. I currently only have 1 page designed using the DMS drag n drop system and the rest of the site is done using html. TWO QUESTIONS: 1. Does it make sense to fully change my theme to Framework and just rebuild the homepage with Platform 5? This would totally get rid of DMS on my site. 2. Can I hire someone here to do this for me? Any takers? Thank you
  20. Hi, I've got a client on a DMS ver. site. Using WP 4.5.2. The site is clean from malware. And I've replicated the below problem with all plugins off except for DMS Pro Tools Here's the page: http://choralartsensemble.org/support/sponsors/ When a textbox or column with textbox on the page are deleted, upon save and refresh one or more textboxes in the header and footer loses its content. This is a repeatable occurrence. Can you please tell me how to fix this so it does not happen again?
  21. Hi, I have a site that suffered a crashed page. All features and content disappeared. I have attempted to rebuild the page a few times and as I get a few features constructed the page will crash upon a refresh and then default to old content that was never on the page in the first place... I figure this is a hosting issue but I wanted to check and see what if there are any other ideas regarding this issue. The site is http://sierramadreplayhouse.org and the page is at http://sierramadreplayhouse.org/about-smp/ Thanks!
  22. From DMS to Platform 5 & Bugs

    Hi all, I started yesterday switching our https://www.advatera.com to Platform 5. Here are my first impressions, I hope it helps the one or other - and maybe you can also help out with figuring out some bugs I experienced. The process I take (actually I am still working on it) I made a full dev copy of our website to a sublevel ("new.advatera..." - don't want to write it fully as I don't want to have search engines indexing it). https://codex.wordpress.org/Running_a_Development_Copy_of_WordPress By the way, the biggest problem here was a 1064 sql error when chaning the URLs in the WordPress database. Has nothing to do with PageLInes - but I saw many others in other forums stumble upon that, so I mention it. It took me hours to figure out till I realized that's a phpmyadmin issue - simply do the necessary SQL queries directly via SSH on the server and it works Installed Platform 5 plugin and Framework theme - that worked very smooth, the Pro licence was immediatly recognized Made a Child theme as we have in functions.php some hooks for other plugins, like Gravity forms https://www.pagelines.com/resources/create-a-framework-child-theme/ Switched on the child theme and turned off Pagelines DMS plugins and the theme. Now having the DMS page open and trying to rebuild the sections in Platform 5 The core page layout is easy to migrate When it comes to extensions, it becomes a hassle - as many extensions lack features compared to DMS sections My experience after the first day: Installation is smooth Using the framework and platform is smooth as well It runs a lot quicker in the admin than DMS, which is also one of the reasons why I thought I try it out But: many extensions have bugs (mostly strange CSS habits) - which mostly results in making the areas on your own (for example using the Views plugin from wp-types/Toolset, https://wp-types.com/home/views-create-elegant-displays-for-your-content/) to make a loop instead of using the loop extension MegaNav: for whatever reason the logo gets very big when you resize to a very small screen. Something wrong with the responsive breakpoints here. Boxes section: when using 'media at left' and icon and you minimize the screen to phone or small tablet size, the boxes are laying above each other. There is no seperate CSS we load, it is all platform 5 and framework standard, so it can't be a interference of our CSS. Now I used 3 box sections which each just one box (instead of 1 box section with 3 boxes how it should be) - then it works better. Also Boxes section: it shows the counter although disabled and also a strange ]]>*/ - interestingly just in the live version, not in the backend Sitemap Footer- looks good at the beginning but quickly you realize, it is too less flexible (compared to the comparable DMS section) - for example recent articles are missing. Did that now with a wp-type view in a simple container. Elements section - the standard styles are really kind of problematic. A callout will never easily look like a callout at DMS - you split the width between text area and button area 50/50 which leads into strange formatting (two lines of text on the lift, one button with much space arount on the right). Also there are several responsive design issues in the standard css (I had for example to take out the no-wrap for button texts - otherwise the whole button was stuck and did not break). Lax section has just a very basic parallax, functions you had in DMS are missing (like box becomes smaller when scrolling etc.) Flyquotes: resizeing has problems together with the LAX section below, if there are in one statement more lines than in the other one. The Loop extension is just a list of bugs. Thumbnail images don't work - I tried all settings like in the documentation, none is working (I know, others complained already). Pagination does not work when the loop is not used as main loop in the main area. And why can't we turn of pagination? My solution: using wp-types view, making a view (work time: 5 to 10 minutes) and calling it from a embed area. The LESS/CSS field works technically fine for making changes, although a bit small. But: if you set up a style sheet in the child theme it is loaded before all the styles of the extension - and mostly you want to change one of the styles of an extension with it. Sure, I can somehow add an extra stylesheet file and trigger somewhere else, later, to load it (for example through the LESS/CSS box). Anyhow, a nicer and cleaner way of overriding extensions css would be appriciated. From the feeling the selection of the scope works fine. Anyhow, I still have issues understanding scope and templates and how they should be best used, especially in a multi-language environment (I need different looking start pages for different languages, the same content layout for all languages but of course different texts (like logo subline in current language etc.), some specific layout for event pages / landing pages). An down-to-earth, practical, easy to understand explanation of that including visual examples is missing in the documentation (or I did not find it). This would be highly important as it is a key issue when setting up pages to get that right from the beginning. I have the feeling that you need to learn that by experimenting around - thats not how it should be. There need to be blueprints in the documentation which people understand and can reuse for their own pages (like how to deal with templates in a multi-language environment, ...). Also a visual guidance in which scope you are right now, is missing (on a elements basis) In general the documentation, especially the videos about extensions, are basic. They don't touch the real issues you come across when using those extensions. They are more an advertisment rather than training. So, what is my impression for now: especially the standard CSS styles are kind of problematic. It looks a bit they are optimized for the pagelines.com with a very simply design, with a lot of space around it - so they might work there. In other real life projects they are way more problematic than the DMS styles were. Also many comparable extensions lack of basic options which were used at the comparable DMS sections. In general I am not so happy of somehow needing to move to platform 5 from DMS as it involves extra work. I don't want to stick to a legacy software too, so it seems we need to do the work to migrate. Some advantages (faster admin, in general the feeling of having a cleaner code compared to DMS) are there. But some things still need to be optimized. Cheers, Volker
  23. Hi, after a long time i've eventually decided to upgrade to dms from pagelines. I've followed the "upgrading and migrating instructions", after i uploaded dms and activated it, the web site is now completely blanck. I cannot even access wordpress dashboard. My web site is www.acutimpianti.it Can  someone help me? Thank you  
  24. I just purchased the plugin.  I feel that it just duplicates the editor already within DMS.  I thought the plugin was going to have a firebug/developer mode type setting that allowed for ease of selecting different elements of the site/page and allow for quick coding.  Let me know if I am doing this wrong.   (Starting Point) Frontend of website. Click Custom Code in DMS Toolbar Click PageLess   (Thanks in advance for help/support.)
  25. Hey guys,  I am trying to get a masthead to only appear on the homepage of my site. While using DMS, I try to do local section options it works fine, but it's still posting to every other page as well.    Any ideas on how to disable it from showing on all the other pages? Thanks! Jason   www.zox.la