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  1. I just created the first topic in my new forum here: http://residentevilsix.net/community/forum/resident-evil-6/re6-discussion/ There is a weird issue with the voices/posts/freshness columns. They look all bunched together even though they have plenty of room. Anyone else experience this issue too ?
  2. I installed my constant contact form designer...shows up in the dashboard menu under settings. Nifty little gadget that lets you design a custom form to embed in your site--presumably in the constant contact widget. I designed a nice looking form, but when it displays none of the customization displays at all. It is just a plain jane "subscribe" box with none of my colors, the background image I chose, nothing. ( I even tried using one of the already customized forms the widget had already available and it did not show up on the site properly either.) I am completely baffled. Here is the site: http://pilates.trythiswebsite.com/ Also attached an image of what the form SHOULD look like. Just to give you an idea of the disparity. Any help would be greatly appreciated.