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  1. How can I do different header style

    Hi there, I want to set up headers only for HomePage Widget - <h3 class="widget-title"></h3> PageTitle - <h1 class="entry-title pagetitle"></h1> I need to remove from other pages. Usual I just create a new php template and do a little bit php coding, but here I can't find template php.. Help!
  2. Installed PageLines Free Theme (lite) and am building entire site utilizing WP (previously, designed sites with CSS, etc., then loaded WP in /blog folder and customized theme to match site) Working Site address is: www.tamrahjo.com I'm trying to look at different choices for the Main Nav bar - I update the Nav Bar Theme and Alignment in Site Options >Nav Bar - and when I surf through using the menu buttons, sometimes the menu shows up blue, or gray, or black transparent - - tried changing to red, just to see and never could view the red theme. I've doubled-checked that I'm Saving Options each time. I set the header area to Branding and Nav Bar in Pagelines>Site Header area. If someone could please advise if either the W3 Super Cache or some setting in my browswers (viewing in both Mozilla Firefox 17 and IE 9 currently) is holding on to old loaded pages and I need to change setting to allow a full re-load, I'd appreciate it. Sorry for such Newbie question - I'm use to designing in Dreamweaver and uploading/viewing - not building directly online via web browser window and have never encountered this kind of issue before - - not sure where to start troubleshooting - PageLines - WP - Plug Ins or Browser Settings - Thanks for any/all assistance! Tamrah Jo
  3. Apparently my clients website look different on her computer and macbook pro than it does do my macbook pro. We both use google chrome. She lives in the US though while I live in Norway. Can distance change the look of a site too? The differences is the space under the background image. I logo and navbar is nothing to worry about because I changed it after she took a screen photo of her site. For her the space under the image is huge, and is affecting how the site is suppose to look. While for me the space is not that much at all. How do you guys see the site? http://www.sailubju.com/ Is it possible to do so it look the same on all devices? at least pc and mac. On the pictures I attached, version 1 is my client and version 2 is how it looks for me. She want it more like my version, less space under the image. What do I need to do so the site look the same for everyone?