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  1. Hi guys,   as I already told you on twitter I get stuck upgrading to DMS on my site.   It's my second try.   Yesterday I've tried on a demo site and I have the same problem but I thought it was about you being hacked and dms not able to "talk" to the store.   Today I start with a full wipe of the database and all was smooth.   So I decide to upgrade my personal website. Actually it's empty but I need to make it work soon cause my clients need some reference on my latest work.   Anyway I get stuck. DMS toolbar is showing on the frontend but clickin on it makes nothing at all. I disabled all widgets and plugins and function.php is empty since it comes with dms.   I create a user account for you if you want to check by yourselves. If someone of dev/support team give me his contact I can send you a PM. The site is http://studio4nea.it   I've done what you (from [email protected]) suggested ("renaming the plugin folder") but unfortunately have no success on this. I also have tried to remove the old pagelines directory and child theme but even with this I have no luck. As you noticed (from [email protected]) there is a youtube error shown by developer tools of chrome but I think it's something with dms itself.   The other site I've already upgraded (http://demo.studio4nea.it/test/ ) is still showing the same error but dms is working! Although if you try to change theme to i.e. twenty-twelve error disappear.   Hope you can help me because I really need to upgrade other clients website and I absolutely cannot wipe their database out! Best regards   Carloalberto Fornea
  2. Hello Pagelines team! I'm having a developer license of the pagelines framework, (+200e) and I want to know if there is a DMS Pro license for the ones we had paid for an advanced framework. Now, when i acces to my account in the new pagelines web, i see that i have no suscriptions going on. So the thing is that actually if been downgraded, because i can use only the basic free DMS version, as every one out there, and i'm supposed to have better settings after my payment.    Hope you can help me.    Thanks, Dihue,
  3. I have a Developer License and Plus Membership. Today I am being prompted to add a Plus Account? When I access Plus areas - e.g. Live Chat. My monthly renewal is the 8th of the month through auto payments with Paypal. The Paypal subscription is still active so why is there a lapse in membership?
  4. Intranet

    The site I am building is behind a company intranet firewall and I cannot log in normally to validate my developer account. This limits my functionality quite a bit. Is there a way to validate my license and add extensions, plugins, etc... without a connection to the internet?
  5. Hope someone can help. I would like to hire someone to finish what I can't finish. As a health professional this is not my field. If anybody is interested I will give them the details. www.bodiempowerment.com Pagelines Framework 2.4.1 Word Press 3.5.1 Plugins include Poppy (uninstalled), Collapser, Always Menu on Top(uninstalled), Anything Boxes, Social Exerpt, Foot extra Child Theme- Simplicate - uninstalled You can read about me on the web site in the "about" section. Ken [email protected]
  6. Complicated Custom Template

    I'm creating an equestrian site and some of the templates for Horse, Foal, Mare and Stallion info are very complex and detailed. We want to build a custom submission form for our client but wondering if it should be a NEW TEMPLATE, SECTION, PLUGIN or CHILD THEME. This template will be used over and over to build hundreds of pages. Any guidance? Thanks Rick Baker