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  1. Hi there! Is there any video tutorials on how to style/design a pagelines site?
  2. Missing Footer?

    I've been working with pagelines for a few sites now and love it! I'm building a site on my subdomain (si.bluefantail.com) and recently noticed the the footer is entirely missing? I've gone through all my custom CSS, the footer/header section, the drag and drop sections, site options. Basically EVERYTHING. I can't figure out why it's missing! I added the morefoot columns to the footer section, but that's not what I want. None of my branding is showing up in the site options (the watermark etc). Help please! Thanks, Elijah
  3. I have a client that needs to manage web pages on their own. I would like to build the site with the Pagelines theme but they need a 2 column site. I want them to have the ability to edit both columns without html or using the widgets. It would also be nice if they could edit the content using the built-in Wordpress editor so they can view it as WYSIWUG. Any ideas how I could use the curent version of Pagelines for this?
  4. Buddypress compatibility

    Hey guys, I am using Pagelines to create a community website that will be the first in Romania dedicated to people diagnosed with cancer and leukemia and creating a database with those persons and putting them in touch one with another to share facts on how to get through their struggle and also putting them in touch and with a community of doctors, volunteers and sponsors. I want them to have the benefits of having an internal message system and to be able to write, share photos etc etc and all the stuff Buddypress offers. Pagelines Team came with great support, they helped me buying a pro license and my work in building a modern website is so easy and i love the product. In the past the team helped with some other requests but now a series of task will oblige me to create several threads and i think it is better to discuss all in one so.... is there anyone in the team assign now or in the past but still in the team to know how to work in upgrading the Buddypress compatibility withing PageLines framework? I almost got in a fight with the Buddypress support team as i need some help with many items involving the Buddypress part withing Pagelines, many elements do not align right, cross browser compatibility needs to be updated within the code, overall making the compatibility only 50 percent usable. I do not want to create several threads and bother lots of moderators or team members. I think the plugin withing Pagelines core needs some update, if you guys think of course that part of of support is part of your road-map of course, maybe we can work on this together through the items i am gonna report?
  5. Hi Everybody, I searched around the forum quite a bit but haven't encountered anybody with the following HTML/CSS error that messed up the basic Pageline design layout : Specs: Clean install of Wordpress Clean install of Pagelines v. 2.3.8 Clean instal of MySQL database *Developer edition It's unclear to me why the HTML/CSS is messing up the basic laout? What am I overlooking!? Please help See attachement of visual mess up. Thanks Richard