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  1. Hi In the PL template I have assigned a Secondary Nav to the header which is adjusted to float right. I've assigned a WP menu in the Theme Locations section of Wordpress under simple-nav. However, PL doesn't populate the secondary nav with a menu choice for a new page until I choose it from the meta settings. Am I missing a trick for a default secondary nav menu to be selected for every page that is created? It's the one top right in this example: http://testserver.nicholaspealldesign.com/ Thanks PS forgot to say that the navbar option COULD work if only there was a way of stripping out the colour option and making it nice and simple? Looks like the options are coded into the PL theme.
  2. Hi I can't seem to change the default sidebar on my BLOG page. www.marcuswhitehead.co.uk/news I can change the widgets in it, but I can't swap the sidebar for 'accordion' or 'drag and drop' sidebars. Every other page seems alright. Equally, the check box to 'hide the three widgetised footers' doesn't seem to be having any effect. Again all other pages (& posts) are fine. Any ideas? I did try the search, and it indicated that perhaps there is a coding issue on that particular page. I couldn't find it, could it come from within the posts that are on display?
  3. I have been developing a site utilizing multisite to facilitate user blogs and recently decided to switch to PageLines. I have been extremely pleased with everything I have come across in PageLines so far with exception to the apparent inability to set a forced theme frame for subsequent user blogs. Essentially, we want the same overall look and feel for all user blogs based on the main home site (with certain customizations to color et cetera by individual users). For example, prior to implementing PageLines each site called up the same header and side bars but allowed unique main frame customizations by the individual user/blogger. Is this possible in PageLines? Perhaps it might be easier to scrap multisite and somehow allow users to customize based on a unique meta tag?