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  1. Hi, I've a developer account and I'm building a new site in my machine. I've tried to put my credential in the Pageline Dashboard but it get always - Could not connect to PageLines as user "user". I've 2 other sites online and they are connected correctly with my user /password, but now for this one I got always error.   What could be the problem??
  2. Hi All   Great to see the forums back up and running, however, is there any update on when we will be able to log into our Accounts from the Dashboards? Or have I missed something entirely?
  3. Hi... I have purchased pagelines framework, installed it on the latest version of wordpress 3.5.2 and the pagelines Dashboard shows blank page... I can't seem to login to my account from the dashboard... I have no plugin installed either... It's a fresh wordpress installed and fresh everything... What do I do, please? I am been asked to login to download on the Store Section and when I click on the link, EMPTY page appears, even the icons on the other wp menus loads incorrectly... Am confused...
  4. Problem: Can you please assist me in getting the Pagelines Dashboard back onto my reiblitz.com account? Background: A few weeks ago, I added a second website (reibltiz.com) to my Pagelines Framework Professional Edition account. I had all of the features in the beginning. But, at some point the advanced dashboard disappeared. All of my site and page options are available as a list of hyperlinks rather than the sophisticated Pagelines Dashboard. My first site (candoronline.com) is the first site I added to my Professional Edition account. Candoronline seems to be working okay, though now I'm afraid to update it to the latest version of Pagelines until after I get reiblitz.com fixed. So, can someone please assist me in getting the Pagelines Dashboard back onto my reiblitz.com account?  
  5. Hi, I just can't figure out why my WP backend si so slow, for the PL part ("PL dashboard", Site options, Page options...). This issue was alrealdy raised in forums (e.g. : http://www.pagelines.com/forum/topic/24964-admin-panel-is-slow/), but I was asked to create a new topic. Anyway, I made so many tests with so many settings I'm a bit lost atm, and it's probably better to start from scratch and to stick to my own situation. 1. My configuration at this very moment is : WP 3.5.1 Pagelines 2.4 All plugins deactivated except Askimet and PL sections Pagelines debug mode enabled : http://www.erwanlescop.fr/?pldebug=1 Shared hosted server (max 80 Mb for PHP RAM) + Cloudflare CDN & WCO enabled Memory limit in wp-config : define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '64M') Php info : http://www.erwanlescop.fr/info.php 2. As a result : Page load time : 1.32 s --> http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/#!/dUf8tMKpp/http://www.erwanlescop.fr Time from WP frontend to backend : slow, IMO --> video http://screencast.com/t/cNEjyqGs2B Time from "WP dashboard" to "PL dashboard" : very slow, IMO --> video http://screencast.com/t/V6ZvzHxgXBaT Time from "PL dashboard" to "Site options" : very very slow IMO --> video http://screencast.com/t/EM8N9upS Time from "Site options" to "Page options" : VERY VERY VERY slow IMO --> video http://screencast.com/t/5ay6spUas These measurements are not very different with other browsers + I have a pretty good internet connection bandwidth (donwload : 8 MB) + made with nothing else opened than Firefox on my computer. And they are worse with something like twelve well know and reliable plugins activated such as Jetpack or Disqus (whilst I thought for a while that THIS was the problem, versus PL only with no plugins). Hence : 1. Any explanation ? Do I miss something obvious... ? 2. My under development blog is and will remain low trafficked : could you confirm me it IS suppposed to be enough for Pagelines (I read so many many different, contradictory assumptions pertaining RAM requirements in the forums) ? Many many thanks in advance. Best regards.
  6. Hi Nick! I wanted to add different numbers of images to the different slots, but the dashboard is showing up only 3 upload boxes, no matter if i put 2, or 6 or something else...Could you help me please? Thx
  7. Hi, just noticed that boxes were not showing up on the pagelines dashboard. I can access boxes by navigating to the page and clicking edit, but that is just a workaround. At first I thought it was maybe acting buggy becuase I was due for some updates. So I backed up, and began updating. All my plugins were fine, then I did wordpress and that was fine, then when I went to update pagelines I got an error message saying something about allocating space in the pagelines>includes>less.plugin.php Couldn't figure it out so I put the older version of pagelines back in. Now I am up and running, but no boxes. Could these problems be related. What should my next move be? Thanks Amy
  8. Page Lines Dashboard

    When I click on the Pagelines option in my wordpress dashboard, I am only able to access the "Site options" And "Drag and Drop" Menus. I have noticed several weeks ago that I when I chose "Page Options", My browser would just load for several minutes and finally reset. I am still unable to use the feature, and today is the day I NEED to have that functional, of course.
  9. Changing Url To /dashboard

    Hi everyone, ok, I recently moved a wordpress blog I had from http://huntersfairwaysothebysinternationalrealty.com/members/ to http://huntersfairwaysothebysinternationalrealty.com/dashboard/. The funny thing is that I didn't realize that /dashboard is also how to access the wordpress admin page. biggest problem: cannot access the wordpress admin. I usually access it with /wp-admin. I am also having issues with images and css, but I think that issue is related to this one. What should I do? any ideas?