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  1. In another thread when questioning why a click on a top level menu item in the new navbar does not link to the relevant page as it does with the classic navbar the response was "Twitter does it this way for a reason." - I assume this is to follow their interface standards? Both myself and others would prefer the behaviour of the classic navbar applied to the new one. The workaround of adding back the same page as a 'sub link' on the menu is not ideal and can even be confusing. Is there no way of overriding Twitter Bootstrap limitations? An add-on or hack of some kind?
  2. /themes/pagelines/pagelines-compiled-css-1_1365126536/ I do not want to add bulk to the pages using custom css. I want to be able to change the css. Where is the CSS file?
  3. On the page / post admin interface. on the PageLines Meta Settings it will be nice, on the background section to have also the option to choose a different color for background of that page. It will create colorfull websites. For example, the user can upload a semitransparent background noise / pattern image and choosing a different color for background of the page the user will create a website that will inspire, make it relate to their national flag, make it available for children by making them guess the background color to educate, make the user sink deeper, like creating an ocean floor website, from light blue to dark blue if the user chooses the menu items in order like page 1, then page 2 and so... There are so many things a different color per page can be that easily selected without further css setup from the user.
  4. Hi there, http://koruhealing.co.nz/?page_id=21 On this page I am trying to insert a "readmore" link into each of the 3 boxes. I have one in the first box but in other 2 the text link doesn't appear. When I hover over them with the firebug cursor the other 2 boxes don't register as if they aren't there. Any ideas on what I have done wrong? the css for the boxes maybe a bit of a mess at this point? many thanks