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  1. I know how to edit the post metabar data through site options > blog and posts. However, I have added a custom post type (listings) with a custom taxonomy (locations) and can't figure out how to get the custom taxonomy to show up through the short code. I've tried several different combinations [post_locations], [post_listings_locations], [listings_locations], etc., but nothing seems to be working. Any idea/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I have a custom post + custom taxonomy. The generated url for this post is www.my-website.com/custom_post/custom_taxonomy/post/ Till yesterday : www.my-website.com/custom_post/custom_taxonomy/ gave me a list of custom posts and when I clicked one of the posts it would display the post in the url www.my-website.com/custom_post/custom_taxonomy/post/ But today www.my-website.com/custom_post/custom_taxonomy/ gives me list of custom posts, but I CANNOT ACCESS ANY OF MY CUSTOM POSTS. PLease help.