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  1. hi there,   Every time i try to enter a third custom post type, the page option setup screen fails to save the options for the last custom post type. I'm not a php person, but this is the code thats worked the best so far, i have a feeling that im defining the variables wrongly. Could you point me in the right direction?   Thanks! // PageLines: Add Custom Post Type (CPT) to Page Options add_filter( 'postsmeta_settings_array', 'pl_control_cpt' ); function pl_control_cpt( $array ) { //1st one $cpt = 'event'; //EDIT THIS FOR YOUR CUSTOM POST TYPE NAME global $metapanel_options; $array[ $cpt ] = array( 'metapanel' => $metapanel_options->posts_metapanel( $cpt ), ); $array[ $cpt . '_archive' ] = array( 'metapanel' => $metapanel_options->posts_metapanel( $cpt . '_archive' ), ); $cpt = 'night'; //EDIT THIS FOR YOUR CUSTOM POST TYPE NAME global $metapanel_options; $array[ $cpt ] = array( 'metapanel' => $metapanel_options->posts_metapanel( $cpt ), ); $array[ $cpt . '_archive' ] = array( 'metapanel' => $metapanel_options->posts_metapanel( $cpt . '_archive' ), ); $cpt = 'artist'; //EDIT THIS FOR YOUR CUSTOM POST TYPE NAME global $metapanel_options; $array[ $cpt ] = array( 'metapanel' => $metapanel_options->posts_metapanel( $cpt ), ); $array[ $cpt . '_archive' ] = array( 'metapanel' => $metapanel_options->posts_metapanel( $cpt . '_archive' ), ); return $array; }
  2. Hi,   I found pagelines very good building web sites. But sometimes, plugins, sections and others features are not sufficient to meet some requirements. I want to display a custom post type on a special template. Here is the doc http://support.pagelines.me/docs/customization/create-a-custom-page-template/ but there is not code query post or custom post from the database.   1. If my custom post type are jobs. How to do to display a list of jobs of a post ? Which query to use ?   2. If a want to display a single job, which will be the name of template file : page.job.php ?     I have download a classified plugin from mpmudev and when i log in to my website i see that a classifieds archive and classifieds template are created. See http://paste.pagelines.com/17g . My question is where i can find this template file because there are not in my child base theme ? You can see http://paste.pagelines.com/7x7 .   Thanks
  3. Website URL: (local, not available) Framework Version: 2.4.1 WordPress Version: 3.5.2 Plugins in Use: My own custom ones that just create a custom post type Server/Host: Apache 2.2 Screenshots: Video Landing Page: http://glui.me/?i=52xhbdfortrxqr8/2013-04-11_at_8.13.53_AM.png/ Gallery Landing Page: http://glui.me/?i=9bkiomi3towoxu3/2013-04-11_at_8.20.46_AM.png/ Details: I override the main query at 'wp' action to pull the CPT Landing Page for the originally queried post type. I set the global $post and do setup_postdata() with it. The page template seems to respect the various sections I have assigned to the CPT, but (besides the "features" section) not the *settings* for the respective section. For example, the masthead section's oset property is: Array ( [post_id] => (no post ID) [clone_id] => 1 [group] => masthead ) Any ideas?
  4. Anyloop Inquiry

    Hi, I would like to inquire about anyloop section for pagelines before ill buy.. http://www.amepl.com.au/employment/ Check the positions available. it is showing 5. I want to use this anyloop section so I can show 20 posts from a custom post type . is that possible with this? Let me know. Thanks
  5. Hello Everyone, I would like to ask a question about wp_query for a page template. So this is the scenario: I have a custom post type called "POSITIONS" . This is created using the magic field plugin . http://screencast.com/t/cfoeIAsfa Magic Field Plugin - http://magicfields.org/ In this page - http://www.amepl.com.au/employment/ You can see at the bottom the five positions from the custom post type. - http://screencast.com/t/GTSoWHgJuva This is shown through (see screencast for clear explanation)- http://screencast.com/t/3hYexrwnYh4 Specific page template - http://screencast.com/t/iIYYy91rPs So my question is how to make it show like 20 positions instead of 5. Clearly it is not doable via options. My idea is to code a custom wp_query in a specific page template. I know how to code this in other themes but I browsed through the pagelines framework php files I am having a hard time. Can anyone help me about this? Replies much appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Hi, I'm trying to change the PageLines template that gets used when a certain request is viewed on the front-end of the site. I believe it'll be something surrounding the "page_type_breaker()" function -- and its respective filter, but it's called 777 times during the page load, and a lot of those are before the query's even run, so all it's footwork being run before there's much known about what the request is. Basically I've got a Custom Post Type item that will override the requested URI (example.com/video/), so instead of an archive of videos, it'll be a video landing page. The landing page template has been set up on the admin side, and it overrides the request just fine (it shows the content of the CPT), but PageLines loads the "default" template instead of the CPT template that's needed. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated
  7. HI, I have 4 different post types. Each post has a single post view. Now I want different view for each single post type. Inside site options I found setting to create a blog or post view. I think that will be applicable to all type of posts? Right? How can I do it for each type separately? Thanks. Suraj
  8. Hi, I created a custom post type named "Podcast". I noticed that this created a "Podcast Archive" template in Pagelines' Drag N Drop. After configuring the new template, I tried to create a new page with the "Podcast Archive" template but it does not show up in the dropdown. How can I assign the "Podcast Archive" template to a new page? Thanks.
  9. Hello, How I can remove the link of the post tilte in a custom post type archive page? I would like to list my custom posts but not linking to the specific posts. Thanks for advance!
  10. I m trying to include custom post types on author archive page by this function function custom_post_author_archive($query) { if ($query->is_author) $query->set( 'post_type', array('skaterstatus', 'post') ); remove_action( 'pre_get_posts', 'custom_post_author_archive' ); } add_action('pre_get_posts', 'custom_post_author_archive'); but i get fatal error Fatal error: Cannot redeclare custom_post_author_archive()[/code] It used to work with earlier version of wordpress? pagelines? How can i fix this function? THANKS
  11. I'm using Events Manager for events, and it works OK. There is just one issue, which is that I don't want to show post date on the Event page. Example: http://www.attac.no/events/skatteparadisfri-sone-oslo/ (in Norwegian) The event is on the 17th of October, but was posted the 9th of October. This causes some confusion to readers when both dates are visible. I want to keep post dates on regular posts, but hide them on Events. Event Manager shows Events as custom post types, and it seems like I'm able to use Pagelines drag-and-drop on the Events.php template. So I figure that what I ought to do is editing the meta-information for events.php? Or use CSS to hide the post-date on events? Any tips on how to do that?
  12. Ok I understand now that when you create a custom post type, pagelines automatically creates a template for it, which can be further customized via drag and drop. ( Thanks Simon for answering that here http://www.pagelines.com/forum/topic/21820-where-is-archivephp/ ) This is pretty neat. However, I now need to add some custom code to it. Meaning perform some initializations etc. I am a beginner in wordpress and my assumption is that if this were usual word-press, I could have added this initialization code in single.php Is there some place I can do this in pagelines? ------------------- I want to write a select query before the_post() populate some global variables and in the actual custom post I want to use these variable values to generate post content dynamically. but currently in single.php ,I simply see a statement setup_pagelines_template(); Please advice. ----------------