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  1. Hi - I've switched over to using the Base Child Theme, after reading about setting up a custom page template here: http://www.pagelines.com/wiki/How_to_Create_a_Custom_Page_Template However, the template doesn't show up in Page Options for me to configure via Drag-n-Drop. Following along with other forum problems of a similar bent, I tried deactivating all plugins, and my page is called page.home.php (no dashes or extraneous characters), and it still doesn't show up. I've set debug mode on, if that helps. I am in WP 3.5.1 and using the most current version of the Pagelines Framework. Thanks, Star http://www.alexismjohnson.com/dev/
  2. Custom Page Template Help

    I'd like to create a custom page template that removes all of the content and allows me to just display comments on that page, I'd also like to modify what the comment text says, so instead of 'leave a reply' i'd like "leave a testimonial' etc. I've created a custom page type in my child theme however all that is in there is. setup_pagelines_template(); Where and how do i access what I need in order to modify what content shows?