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  1. Hi :-)   I am trying to style the Primary Sidebar and the Secondary Sidebar differently. On the PS (left) I am looking for a way to change the line height, font and font-color in the Custom Menu Widget.    On the SB (right) I want to style the Text Widget to have the gradient background and the shadows. But the problem is that on some of the pages I need to use the Text Widget without the background in the PS.   I guess one way would to add the background in the html in the Text Widget - but I would like to make it easier for the client to change the text in the widget without being confronted with the html ;-)     The site I am working on: http://manometer.wpforalle.dk/plo-frederiksberg/ The clients demo-site: http://www.manometer.dk/job/PLOfrederiksberg/plo_login_nylaeger.html  
  2. Not sure whether this is a Pagelines, WordPress or my coding issue, but I have a multi-site install of wordpress (v 3.5.1), with Pagelines v2.3.5 and the Woocommerce plugin. I'm using a custom menu to display product categories on the left hand side of the page. Currently, when you hover over the 'Engine parts' category, the 'Aprilia' child category appears. There's also a grandchild and great grandchild category, but these don't appear on hover, but I'd like them to. Can anyone see where the error is? http://newtoseo.co.uk/parts-accessories/