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  1. Cufon Font Replacement

    Just wondering where I might find the "Cufon Font Replacement" in the DMS?   Guess I'm too blind to see it ;-)   Background: I am using a font which is not part of google fonts and even not a web font /standard one. In the framework I used "Cufon Font Replacement" to integrate it.    Is there still a possibility to use Cufon Font Replacement? Or how can I manage to integrate the font, which is not part of the ones which are provided in the DMS?   Thanks for your help!
  2. cufon breaks theme

    Hi Nick, just tried to switch on Cufon today and it broke the whole theme. Can you tell me where the code is to switch it off again?
  3. Hi There I have tried using cufon for the first time and I thought I had it sorted as it was displaying fine on the desktop I set it up on, but when I check my laptop it was not the correct font. I have checked the Use Cufon font replacement? option in the typography PL section and entered this as the URL: https://linuxplesk16.openhost.net.nz:8443/plesk/[email protected]/dom I placed the Javascript file in the theme folder under this path from my site host: stimulusdesigns.co.nz / httpdocs / wp-content / themes / pagelines / js my site: http://stimulusdesigns.co.nz/?page_id=23 navbar font should look like the attachment Any clues on what is going wrong here? Thanks very much for your help
  4. Cufon Font replacement

    Hi I have followed the instructions to upload a font to my site. The cufon site generated the file, but then the instructions are to upload it to the theme folder. Its not working so i am guessing I have placed it in the wrong place. Could you give more exact instruction about where the file should be placed. Cheers Lesley