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  1. Hi, It's happened AGAIN, Pagelines brings out an update and it buggers something up which I now have to spend hours fixing, I'm honestly sick and tired of this. I've just updated to 2.3.4 and am now getting the error: parse error: failed at `#respond input[type="text"], .wp-comments .wp-comments-pad > #respond textarea { ` line: 1040 It happened when I simply tried to change one value in one line of css. The problem is, the custom css will NOT update when I change it. It saves, but when I inspect the webpage it hasn't changed anything. I'm certainly not a pro programmer or anything, but I can't understand why something that worked PERFECTLY is now giving these problems. -And I simply copied these values from Chrome Inspector where they were working fine as well. Is there a way to downgrade back to 2.3.3? **I URGENTLY need to get this fixed as I'm already way behind schedule. Thanks, Rob Site is still under development but here's the url: ultimatemasteringformula.com