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  1. I am not leaving PageLines. In fact, I am testing it out and hope it may become a part of my business approach.   However, before I invest tons of time into customizing a whole site into PageLines, I need serious reassurance regarding what happens to the content.   I looked through the basic docs and the FAQ, and didn't see the answer to this question.   Does PageLines store content (including content in boxes and features and such) in a standard way that would transfer seamlessly into another non-PageLines Wordpress theme (perhaps as custom posts)?    What exactly happens to my content if I switch from PageLines to another theme? Where does all my content go?   I am reluctant to risk putting my clients onto a system that they cannot easily leave if they need to. One of the great things about Wordpress is the easy switching between themes. If all my content ends up "trapped" inside PageLines-specific containers, I lose this flexibility.   Thanks in advance for an honest answer. Even if your answer is "sorry, it doesn't work the way you want", I think you have a great system with a lot of potential. I just need to be clear about what happens if my test drive of your system doesn't work out.    Depending on your answer, I may choose to use PageLines for different projects than I'm considering right now, simply because of the nature of their content.   Thanks much!
  2. I need to give a Client the ability to add URLs using WP's Interface. She is not a Tech person but could handle this and would leave other settings alone. The Links Page on her site will be a static page with only a Content Area, no sidebars. I have searched and browsed but can't locate either code or plugin or whatever that will allow me to do this. Please point me in the right direction. I would also be interested in any PC/MAC/Web/Phone apps that would give a client the ability to write posts (with or without images), and add links so they could avoid the WP Interface altogether. Thank You!
  3. I have a green background image in the body and a white colored header.   body{background: url(".../bg-copy1.png") repeat-x scroll 0 0 #82B64A;   color: #EEEEEE;}   #header {background: #ffffff;}   I am wanting to put another image over the white header and over the original background image in the body. I have been able to get it in the brandnav section but I can't seem to extend it into the content area, while leaving the header in place.... any thoughts?   I'm trying to accomplish something like this, just with a white header... http://www.emotionslive.co.uk/
  4. Nomenclature Confusion

    I don't even know what name to ask about. My website mylateralevolution.com was all set up and going and after some weird weeks of images randomly not loading and widgets not working it's somehow sorted itself out. BUT a few days ago I opened the page and out of nowhere at the top of my content was a pagelines image..um..carousel?...with 3 pagelines images rotating through. I didn't put it there. It wasn't there for weeks. Just appeared.    One of the FIRST things I did when setting up and importing my blog was to delete all the default pagelines images and watermarks, and this thing disappeared, but now it's back. Except now when I search through all the menus in pagelines/wordpress I cannot find them anywhere in order to remove them. Every spot with a browse/upload space for an image is blank, and the images aren't in my media list. They're ghooooosts.    Is there another place I'm not looking? Is it a default jetpack thing (can't find info there either)?   **Suggestions for Pagelines especially for newbies who might learn visually...a support page, with images of multiple website/blog screens with tons of content... And arrows. With labels of what that thing or section is. And links saying "if you want to change this, go here on the menu."  And let us figure it out from there?
  5. How i can set the Pageliens Framework for have an effect Background and content like this: fullwidth, different background for any section, effect shadow between different content. http://www.ilmentalista.com/
  6. Site: http://www.302skin.com/terms This is a new site that I just updated to the latest PageLines version. Prior to that, I believe that all left margines were in line with the header and footer. However, Jigoshop product pages display perfectly. Something has changed, but I cannot determine what. Might you have an idea? Thanks, Pat Wood
  7. I've built a site on pagelines framework for a client and she works with an ad network that requires a bar at the top for advertising. I've tried the script in numerous hook locations but nothing seems to help. When the page loads, the content flys in from the left. When I disable the ad, it of course quites. I spoke with the ad network and they said nothing in their code would cause this and it was an issue with the theme. Thoughts?
  8. body content margins.

    here is the blog post: http://hfsir.com/1548-south-kembley-avenue-palatine-il-60067/ I hid the blog title at the top of the page, but the top of the video I embedded does not line up with the top of the sidebar. I am trying to locate the css for this, but I cant get it right for some reason.
  9. Space between Content & Footer

    Hi, How I can remove the space between content and footer? or make it responsive by vertically? Thank you!
  10. Content auto spacing

    Hello, I am a terrible programmer and had a perfectly functional site! However, a week later, all of the css I added decided either not to work or to partially work. I managed to fix a few but not all of these problems. I have gaps between the features and the images that shouldnt exist and dont seem to go away whatever I do. Here is my css: .section-navbar .content-pad { padding-top: 0px; padding-bottom: 0px; } .content .content-pad { padding: 0px; } #content { margin: -10px; } .widget .widget-pad { padding: 0px; } .one-sidebar-right #column-main .mcolumn-pad, .two-sidebar-right #column-main .mcolumn-pad { padding: 0px 0px 0px 0px; } .widget .textwidget { padding: 0px 0px; } for the site http://www.pelicanpestcontrol.com.au Any help would be appreciated!!! Thanks
  11. Hi, I have been experiencing a small issue since I started using wordpress/pagelines. I have only been using wordpress/pagelines for a few days now but it seems that each time I create a new page (e.g. Call Out) there is also Content that says 'Call Out'. I only want to add a page, I do not want Call Out to appear beneath the page as well. I’m completely new to this so forgive me for what is probably an incredibly simple question but it keeps heppening when I add new pages Here is a link to the example: http://www.racewaredirect.com/call-out/ Using: Wordpress 3.5.1 Pagelines PageLines Framework - Developer Regards, James
  12. Push all content down

    I'm trying to find a way to push the content on ALL pages down, without effecting the nav. So if there are features, or boxes, or just text I want it further down the page in relation to the navigation. Everything I've found on here just seems to deal with one aspect or the other. Do I need to pad the navigation on the bottom? Or?
  13. Looking for a solution to fix a content background image problem. I've been working on this using CSS via Chrome's dev tools and am so close, but not quite. I'm no CSS expert, but know enough to get by...or so I thought. Problem: PageLines won't allow me to choose a background color only for the content section without the header background color being affected. As a workaround, I created a custom background image, which gives me the desired effect. That is, until pages with a lot of content forces the background image to repeat. That's where the problem lies. Based on results, I'm not going about this the right way. Here is the link to the site: http://www.pjodwyer.com/pjwp/ Any suggestions and/or solutions would be greatly appreciated! I've been trying to fix this for far too long now. Thanks in advance for your help!
  14. Hey! I have 2 challenges: 1: I would like to be able to content/sections next to each other instead of on top of each other. An example of this could be the header of this page: http://kbhff.dk, that has the logo and secondary nav next to each other. Do you know how to? 2: I would like to be able to put content on top of other content, e.g. put links on top of a header image as is done on the same page as before http://kbhff.dk. My page is http://andersaagesen.dk Any help is appreciated and thanks for a great theme!
  15. Hello, As my topic title states, I am seeing an unusually large amount of white space between the page content and the boxes I have set to display. I have just upgraded to 2.4.1, but have never built a page until after updating, as I have only recently purchased Framework. The page for example, (as this is happening to any page built with template 1): http://www.theviewingscreen.com/?page_id=3904 I have crawled the forums trying many different options presented that seemed similar to mine, such as adding: #site #page, #site #dynamic-content { min-height: 240px; } to my Custom CSS, and it has not worked. I do believe it does have something to do with #dynamic-content, because when I look at the CSS in the console, it highlights the page content area, including all the white space, and says it is 960x608. Also, I notice that my boxes, while set to display from the page, (and not the template), show as though they are part of the 'more foot area'. Perhaps all of this is how it is supposed to be, I'm really not sure. At any rate, any help to take out that white space would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Lorrell.
  16. Hello-- I'd like my website to look like this: (see attached file) This is what it looks like now: http://peppersloughoutfitters.com/the-lodge/ I don't want the content to be all the way to the edge like that, BUT I do want the header to be full width like that. Is there a way to change the content width ONLY? Also, if you go to the main page: http://peppersloughoutfitters.com The background doesn't even appear. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  17. I'm trying to set a background image (it's really just a PNG file of a light gray background), but every time I upload it, it only appears in the footer when I want it to be the content area, and/or the whole/most of the page if need be. Why would that be? I've even tried adjusting it on the site wide Pageline Global Settings page (even though I only want it on the "Portraits" pages - including the corresponding sub categories), but it also is only appearing in the footer. Any advice? Thanks! Url : http://s5295.sites.pressdns.com/
  18. Hi, just purchased the Postpins plugin. Thanks for the great work. Is there a way to hyperlink a text in the excerpt? Or maybe have an option to show all content rather than just excerpt, so that links can be created in the excerpt. I would like to add a button with Pagelines shortcode, but somehow Postpins does not pick it up, maybe because it's not programmed to allow links in the excerpt. Please help, thank you!
  19. Wicker in Content w/ Sidebar

    When you add Wicker to the content section (drag & drop), it stays full width. http://jimhandsauction.com/test/ Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Isaac
  20. I have a client that needs to manage web pages on their own. I would like to build the site with the Pagelines theme but they need a 2 column site. I want them to have the ability to edit both columns without html or using the widgets. It would also be nice if they could edit the content using the built-in Wordpress editor so they can view it as WYSIWUG. Any ideas how I could use the curent version of Pagelines for this?
  21. Hi everybody, I just pulled a content box into the header area of my site in attempt of showing a banner there. So now the content below the site is seperated by a big amount of wasted space. How can I reduce the space between the content box and the graphic below? Is there any CSS? I made an experimental site at: ads.4v-media.de Oh and don´t bother the strange colors please Thanks, Igor
  22. When I set the background color as white it is white behind the brand section as well - but I need for the entire branding & footer sections to be black and the content for text on some templates to be white in between them. Client loves this site and wants to get as close to it as possible. Thank you!!
  23. Hi Nick, I have been successful at overriding panels (for my contact form and about us panels) but I am running into a problem. I'd like to place boxes into a panel that will allow, when clicked, to open new pages (i.e. blog, press releases, etc). I've read previously that you cannot use regular page lines formatting to accomplish this so I am wondering how to do so? Related: I'd like to add a "get it now" button or call out on the first panel to encourage people to click-through. How is that possible? ETA: I want to specifically overtake the "latest posts" page with this
  24. Centering Content Div

    So I am having an issue, this works in some browsers, but not in others. My screen looks fine, but not sure why it I have to do it this way.... div.content { padding-left: 56px; position:relative; } Any idea if I can float it to the center instead of adding a padding?
  25. I would like to be able to add borders around things like the content area and sidebar widgets. Not a big border but borders around each specific widget or box. It really makes the design look cleaner and I would like to know how to do this?