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  1. Good day all.   I've been on this for a while now and can't seen to figure this out. I have attached a mock-up of what I have in mind alongside this post.   I want to achieve what's there in the content (but quite dynamic) area of the static homepage. Area is in white bg on the mock-up. made a mistake in the tabbed area (please note: tab 1, tab 2, tab 3, tab 4). Thanks in advance.   Please help.
  2. This may qualify as a dumb question: However. I am trying to move 4 content pages which are now linked to a Parent Page (See site, Collaberate Tab) I would like to move these pages in so that users will be able to link to them from Boxes section on Collaberate Tab itself, not from drop down. No matter what I do everytime I create a new page it shows in NavBar. If I assign it a "Parent" then it shows in NavBar under the parent. I understand all this. What I do not understand is how to create a page of content (or more) which are linked from content inside a page and not in drop down. I have scanned and read all the material I can find and nothing seems to tell me how to create a page, archive it &/or save it and then simply link to it once done from a content page. Is there not a simple way to do this? In Short: Create new page of content, and it links from a page of my menu bar via hyper link but doesn't show up in NavBar? Site is: http://newsite.thetradinglab.com BEst F