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  1. Carousel in Content Area

    Why isn't it possible to add a Carousel into the Content Area via Drag and drop? Why do we have that limitation or am I doing something wrong?
  2. Hello,   We are new to PageLines and building our first site. We several content areas custom arranged on the home page. We are wondering if we are building this in the correct way/approach.   Site link: http://dev.mantec.org/?page_id=350   We are using Template 2 for the home page. In the Page Template area we have 2 active sections: Universal Sidebar (contains the LayerSlider) and Content   In the Content Area we have 1 active section: PostLoop from left column content   In the SB1 Area we have 1 active section: Primary Sidebar (News Feed)   In the SB2 Area we have 1 active section: Secondary Sidebar (Custom content)   In the Morefoot Area: Full Width Sidebar (Customized even feed from Event Espresso)   In the Footer Area: Footer Columns Sidebar (4 columns of content)   Did we do this right? IS there a better way to get ALL the content in the Content Area?   When we preview the page we see ALL content here: http://dev.mantec.org/?page_id=350   But when we set this page as the default home page: Settings> Reading>  Front Page: Home, most of the content disappears as seen here in JPG-No-2.jpg.   What do we need to change. Please help!!!    
  3. So far I am working with a Quickslider and one set of boxes.  I initially had them in the template area.  But they were showing up too big (wide), so I decided to put them in the content area and divide the space up with sidebars.   Well, The links don't to the Quickslider and boxes do not work within the content area.     Am I missing a simple setting that will allow this to work?   I have already disable all 3rd party plugins to see if one was causing trouble.  Please HELP?!?!!   Alyse
  4. I'm using the iBlogPro5 child theme and Items that were dropped into the Page Template area and configured are displaying correctly - quick slider and boxes, but items dropped into the Content area, wrap or either of the sidebars are configurable but don't display in the page. I've gone through everything I can think of and I'm stuck. Thoughts?
  5. In one of the pages in a website we want to introduce a sidebar-menu on the left. In a content-area on the right we want to present content related to the menu presented on the left. Visitor would be able to navigate through this menu without refreshing to page (new url), because only the content in the content-area changes by selecting a new menu-item. How can we do this within Pagelines, if not, Wordpress, Twitter Bootstrap or code?
  6. Content not showing.

    Hey. Everything is going great, however, the content I am adding to my pages is not showing up on my site....why? Thanks Tim http://www.discovery...covery-defined/