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  1. More bugs in Plugins

    Good day to all! In the course of using found some design problems: 1) Font size, and alignment Navpro plugin only affects the social buttons. (Not on the menu font size). Screenshot 1.png 2) Submit button does not change its size after increasing the font size of the block. Screenshot 2.png Also, I think that the defaul align of the button must be in the center (because of the header alignment) 3) Pins plugin bugs: (YOUTUBE VIDEO) 3.1) The first press load has an undesirable display temporarily data that looks very ugly and not professionally. 3.2) A second press load is still going rearrangement posts. (Initially they are sorted incorrectly) see 14th post. 3.3) A Load more button is active even the posts are at ending.
  2. Hi all,   I'm trying to create a Contact Me form whose styling is exactly the same as the default "Leave a Reply" form in the Pagelines framework. I can really tell where to start.  I experimented with cforms, but I couldn't get the styles to match.   Is there a reasonably simply way of doing this?   Thanks, Trevor
  3. I recently setup a new MAMP (Macintosh, Apache, MySQL, PHP) installation on my local computer, so I could develop a website for a client. I installed wordpress 3.4.2 and page lines 2.3.3. I expected there to be no default pages, except for the sample page that pagelines creates, in addition to the "hello world" page that wordpress creates. The first page I tried to create, simply had the name "Contact". I didn't fill in any content. But when I previewed the page it already seems to have content (See attached screenshot). Is there some kind of setting which causes pagelines to create this default contact page? How can I change the settings? How can I remove this content ? On my other websites I have used wordpress plugins like contactform7 etc, which let me customize the contact page. Thanks. contactpage.tiff