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  1. Website URL: http://lessonslearntjournal.com Framework Version: WordPress Version: Plugins in Use: Server/Host: Screenshots: Details: Readers on Internet Explorer 10.0.9200.16635 can't submit a comment. It leads them to a new blank window. There isn't even an error message. 
  2. I'm using iBlog Pro Theme. The latest version, iBlogPro 5. And i'm using an iPhone 5. is that names familiar? iBlogPro 5 iPhone 5 You know this theme inspired from Apple. Its looking good on desktop and its plausible on iPad. But iPhone, its horrible. i attached two screenshot from elmadergisi.com Apple blog. screenshots belongs to comments section of a page. Device is iPhone 5 and look at the result please. ElmaDergisi.com site does not have any active plugin that has not belongs to pagelines. i disabled all the plugins but nothing changed. how can we fix this? Maybe, there is no need avatars for comment section. Maybe disabling avatars at comments (mobile theme) works but there is no option for mobile theme... Please help for this. i cant say "please turn your device to horizontal position" to my visitors.
  3. Hi folks- Just updated to 2.4 this weekend and I'm having a little trouble with the metabar. I use Vanilla Forums for my comments and until this weekend, the number of comments on a post would show up normally in that post's metabar. Now it's gone. I've checked the Full Width Post Meta setting in PageLines and nothing's changed, it still includes [post_comments] as before. How should I start troubleshooting this? Thanks in advance, as always. You can find my site at http://pockettactics.com/
  4. Comment Fields not Showing

    Hello, I'm having trouble with my comments section for my website http://www.fabhousewife.com. There used to be no issues, but something has recently changed. Even though comments have been inserted within the "drag and drop" setting for "blog" and "blog post", and nothing is selected as hidden, the comment box is no longer showing up. I can see some previous comments, but there isn't a way to add new comments. Also, the "add comment" link is now listed underneath the title of a post, but it still doesn't show a comment form when clicked. I've tried in Firefox and Chrome. Can you please help? I'm using Pagelines version 2.3.8.
  5. I'm sure this is right infront of my face, but can someone point me in the right direction for changing out the word "comment/comments" for something else?
  6. I've an issue with the Disqus plugin. Hope you can give any hint to solve the issue, this is a little weird. The counter of the comments is 0 even if there are comments. See example http://www.creatov.nl/2012/11/verknal-het-niet/ There the counter is zero » But there are comments » http://www.screencast.com/t/FfC1ExKughc If I disable the disqus plugin (and clean the cache etc) there are NO comments showed » http://www.screencast.com/t/PtbSTcr2hk But the comments are in the article, see » http://www.screencast.com/t/kiOA5VjkVuu I do really not know anymore what is causing this issue and I'm now stuck in the middle. I cannot disable Disqus: I prefer to use this plugin, but the counter has to work. But disabling is causing the comments to disappear. Hope you can help me out. Thanks. Wouter
  7. Hi, I am using the latest version of pagelines and just noticed that comments are not showing up though posts have the option ticked in http://i.imgur.com/wkr50.png http://i.imgur.com/v262V.png as you can check at blog post http://www.prometheuswatch.com/v2/prometheus-watch-company-ocean-diver-daydate/ Also if clicking comments link on top goes to an area without a post area for comments http://www.prometheuswatch.com/v2/prometheus-watch-company-ocean-diver-daydate/#comments Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, I can't seem to get rid of the Author, date and comments line. I tried a WordPress fix but could not access the right files in the PL index.php See attachment for what I want to get rid of (circled in red). Site page = http://triggerfishwebsites.com/Nevada/wp/
  9. All comments ever made on my site show up below every Page (not posts). I removed Comments from the standard template content section via Drag-and-drop, which fixed it. But it's not supposed to be like that, is it? Any idea what's causing this?
  10. Is there a way to remove comments from all "pages" through the theme? I have "discussion" settings set for no comments, but the comments area still displays on pages. I can remove through the PHP files, just wondering if the theme offers a more elegant way to do this. Thanks.
  11. #Comments - Not Responding

    I installed Disqus to manage blog commenting. But now when I show "add comments" in the meta bar just below the title is doesn't do anything. [post_date] · [post_comments] Is there a work around for this?!?
  12. SITE: http://stayandplayforsmalldogs.com My posts have no comment fields. I checked off "allow people to post comments on new articles" in Discussion Settings. I don't have commenting turned off anywhere that I can find, neither on the individual posts nor on the Blog Post Template. Is there anywhere else I should check?