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  1. Column Layout?

    Wondering how a person would layout the drag & drop sections to get a full height column in the right 1/3 of a page? IDEA: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3tllkxdml69ti9q/BoxLayout.png Yes - I see the "Grid System" but the idea is to use SECTIONS, not just to format static content. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks! - Chris
  2. I have one page where I need to display a Store Directory for a mall. It will be a list of stores and their phone numbers by category... such as Department Stores, Apparel, Shoes, etc. Currently I am using a table plugin that is working nicely for displaying the information neatly in columns - but the table is not moblie friendly so I want to ditch that. I haven't found a slick way to use any of the sections. The trick is getting the store name and phone number side-by-side and have them all listed in columns. I started messing with a plugin called Types and Views and it's like working with a labrynth. Can you point me toward a better solution? Thank you
  3. Columns

    Is thee a way to set columns using some sort of plug in or must I use span (etc) in Pageslines? I am trying to create a page of text in two columns: I cannot find a simpler way to do this: Suggestions? www.newsite.thetradinglab.com
  4. Spacing Issue

    Happy holidays everyone! I have a brief question about narrowing the gap between the title of this page (Mission) with the text that follows. Because I'm using columns, specifically the Easy Columns plugin, I'm getting that buffer before the text runs. Is there any way to narrow that up? I'd like for the spacing to be "normal" like on this page. Thank you!
  5. I have what feels like a really simple idea—I want rows where there's a headline on the left (or right) and the body content in a second column next to it. If you want to see what I'm working on check out http://www.pvt.biklopsdesign.com/ Banners seemed like the answer. I could put the html for the headline in the 'banners html section' and then just hide the banner title with some css. Only banners don't seem to have IDs!—so if I hide a banner's <h2> I'm going to hide EVERY banner's <H2>. Not good. What module should I be using? Suggestions?
  6. Hello! I have two questions about the Postpin section: Will this section support WordPress excerpts (instead of picking the beginning of each post)? Or maybe there is already a solution I missed? I disabled the Mobile View mode in 'Pagelines > Site Options > Layout Editor' on my website [www.photoreview.fr]. Why Postpin section displays 4 columns on Firefox (on my computer) whereas there are 3 columns on Safari iApp (iPad / iPhone)? How to fixed it (I would like to see 4 columns on mobile devices)? Thank you for your kind help! Jean-Philippe