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  1. I purchased the Collapser Section earlier this week but am having problems. Initially I was unable to install it from the Pagelines Store - the install button was there but when I clicked it, it started to install but almost immediately a 'Could not connect to download' window appeared and the page just hung. The Collapser section did not appear on my Store 'Your Added Sections' tab so I was uable to activate it.  The following day however I tried again and the install worked and the section was automatically actvated. I added it to a template and then went to the page using the template and got the 'White screen of death' :) with the following error...   Fatal error: Call to undefined method CollapserTm::opt() in /web/redifa/new/wp-content/plugins/pagelines-sections/collapser/section.php on line 69.   I've now tried deactivating all plugins (apart from Paglines Customisation and Pagelines Section plugins) and the fatal error is still there.   I've also tried deactivating the collapser section and activating again and I've also re-installed it again via the store and the fatal error is still there.  And I've deleted it and uploaded the zip file via the store section upload and the fatal error is still there.   I logged a support request with the sections author on Wednesday and I've emailed and I've had no response so I just wondered if any one had any other ideas what to try.    I've installed and used the section sucessfully on a test Instant WordPress install on my laptop so I'm wondering if as the initial install failed / hung on my development site that something got mucked up somewhere maybe?   url can be provided privately.  I'm using WordPress 3.5.1 and Pagelines 2.4.   Many thanks in advance! :)
  2. Collapser images not changing.

    Hello,   I have a site at http://www.bartendingbootcamp.com/recipes/ which is having trouble with collapser images. PageLines and Wordpress are up to date. The problem is that the collapser will only show the most recent image no matter which accordion is open. I had it working without a couple months ago when I built the site, and to my knowledge no new plugins have been installed since that time. The client recently noticed the issue after adding the 4 most recent posts. The latest posts were posted over the month of May and the client can't remember if they were working correctly during that time or not, unfortunately. I've had a look and everything seems to be set up correctly. Is there a chance this is a known issue, or am I just being obtuse?   Thanks in advance!
  3. hi. my cleint wants to  hide the upper title thing above the collapser.   I hid it in the stsyle sheet but it started jacking up how the images displayed on the right and cutting off the tops.   is there a more elegant way to do remove it that won't cause unwanted side effects?  
  4. hi. my client wants to change the colors of the plus and minus boxes on the collapses.   is this possible? I can't tell what they are. if they are images can I download them from the server change and reupload?    thanks,  
  5. Hey guys, The collapser styling isn't working in IE8 on XP. The majority of our visitors are on this configuration because we're in healthcare, which tends to be behind the curve on office equipment. Anyway, the background color on the more/less images, the border on the collapser text items, the active and hover colors all do not work in IE8 on XP. I've included a screenshot below. Also, if you don't have access to IE8 on XP, you can view it through BrowserStack. You can get a 3-month free trial through this link: http://www.americandatanetwork.com Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. wider options

    hi. I have collapser running and its going pretty good. Is there a way to order the collapser posts? This is a book series and she wants things in a certain order. thanks, http://www.lynneheffnerferrante.com/new/my-books/
  7. Collapser error

    I'm getting a block of error code where my first collapser should be: Warning: sprintf() [function.sprintf]: Too few arguments in/home/content/77/6510377/html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/pagelines-sections/collapser/section.php on line 233 Here is the page that it is happening on. http://wordpress.jointmedic.com/product-information/ Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks!
  8. I just installed Collaper (awesome product, BTW). But with it activated, it removes the Boxes section from the dashboard navigation. According to /forum/topic/25198-boxes-missing-from-dashboard/ it's caused by, "plugin using add_object_page() function to add a top level menu."
  9. Hi, I have tried changing the Item Highlight color as seen in the tutorial video, but still the color remains the same dark blue, which is not matching the rest of the theme. I have tried the other fields, but whatever I plug into this highlight color field, it doesn't change the color that the page defaults to. See http://flagstonsearchmarketing.com
  10. I'm having the exact same issue as this thread: http://www.pagelines.com/forum/topic/25359-how-to-input-box-with-minus-sign-into-header/ Instead of the plus/minus image in my collapser posts, I get a broken image icon on mouse hover. It should be showing the more.png or less.png images located in /collapser/images/. The op of the above thread said "it was resolved: plugins / themes / wrong path" which isn't giving me much to work with. Line 38 of color.less has the following code: background: url("@{plExtendRoot}/collapser/images/more.png") 15px no-repeat; and a similar line further down for less.png. Do i need to do something to this? On my server, more.png is in [site I'm working on].com/wp-content/themes/pagelines/sections/collapser/images/more.png. I haven't modified the section in any way. What am I missing here? Thanks!
  11. there is a (box with minus sign) in each collapser header in live demo. I ve missed it inside. How could I put it in my box? I have nothing inside box, just solid color. When mouse on, just showing flag something like "picture missing". It is bug or I have to install some font, picture, or ...? thank you it was resolved: plugins / themes / wrong path
  12. i bought the Collapser section and it is awesome! im wondering if there is a way to display more than 10 posts and also if there is a way to get it so that when the user goes to the page with the collapser, ALL the posts are collapsed. right now i believe the default is that the first Post is displaying all of its content, i'd like it so that nothing is displayed until the user clicks on one. any help would be greatly appreciated! heres the site where i am utilizing the Collapser. http://sowachiropractic.com/conditions-treated/
  13. Is there a way to eliminate the section title all together? I would like to have the sections but with no section title or horizontal lines.
  14. I have two sites each using collapser and neither working correctly. I have one site using Simplicate found here: http://touchstonehealthcaresolutions.com/privacy-policy/ and my other site is using ignite: http://physiciancredentialingservices.com/faqs/ On both sites, you will notice that the collapser is being right justified instead of centered or left which is what I would prefer. I would like it to take up the whole page. Please let me know what setting I am missing to allow for this.
  15. I just installed the collapser section and am having some difficulties with it and not sure where to go for help. For some reason the collapser posts are only displaying as right justified and are not full width which they should be. I deactivated all plugins and that didn't fix anything. http://physiciancredentialingservices.com/faqs/ Thank you for your help. Quote MultiQuote Edit