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  1. Another Navbar Issue

    I am currently using pagelines customize to try and reposition the menu part of the brandnav. I want the menu itself moved over and the font changed. I have tried using the #brandnav hook, but I think I'm doing it wrong as nothing changes. Can someone give me some code I can put into the pagelines customize style.css file that will allow me to do this? If not is there another way of doing this? I'm not great with code so please spell it out as best as you can. Thanks! Also in the bottom section of my logo there is a light blue strip, what I really want is to position the menu so it overlaps that strip. Here is what the menu used to look like, and what I'd like it to look like now: http://web.archive.org/web/20111205223402/http://www.gryphon-strategies.com/ (the top blue menu)
  2. Hi, I had to make hardcode changes in the class.shortcodes.php file. I wanted my popover window to work with click instead of hover and tried to put some html in it. Okay, my question is how to save this little piece of code in a way it will not be overwritten with pagelines updates. I don't have a child theme installed but work with the customization plugin. and work with version 2.4 on a client website. What is the best solution here? Thanks, Evert
  3. Hello: I am using a Platform Pro which I have been using for a few years. I would like to hide the author name and date of the posts ONLY in the homepage (in the sngle posts they should be displayed normally). The other thing is that I would like to remove the default "By" before the author name. I believe this is feasible using the Custom CSS but have been trying without luck. Can some of you offer me help? I've went through the forum to see if I could find the solution, but none worked for me. Thanks a lot in advance.
  4. How To : Control Features

    Hello, Hello, Is it possible to get the php code for Features control ? Pause, play, next feature... I need this codes for insert controls button or link into my features (pause, next, etc.) Other question : Is it possible to control features with a script javascript or actionscript ? Is it possible ? How ? Is there an page where find the listing of php code control ? Thank you.
  5. Hi Pagelines, I'm using Polylang to translate my site. It works mostly well. After the last update to Polylang 0.9.5 my website looked garbled. Contacting the dev about this he answered the following. Maybe this is interesting for you too. I deleted the mentioned code completely and it worked well. But maybe to be backward compatible it should be the replaced code. I know that I might have to delete the code again if Pagelines gets updated any day soon. Anyway, I thought I let you know. Jan ------Chouby wrote------- In Pagelines code, there is an attempt to be compatible with Polylang However, it does not seem to work as expected. In file includes/class.render.css.php (line 349 in 3.7.9): if ( defined( 'PLL_INC') ) { global $post; $lang = Polylang_Base::get_post_language( $post->ID ); return sprintf( '%s/%s/', get_home_url(), $lang->slug ); } should be replaced by: if (function_exists('pll_home_url')) return pll_home_url(); or even completely removed (Polylang supports the equivalent function of WPML 'icl_get_home_url' since 0.9.4) Changing this may solve the issue. ----------------------------
  6. ToggleBox shortcode

    Hi, this might be a trivial question, or has been solved before and I am just having a hard time finding an answer. I have read in the docs that pagelines come with an extensive shortcode library. I am trying to look for a shortcode for Toggle Boxes. something simple like: [toggle_box title="Toggle Box Title"]Box Contents[/toggle_box] Could you please point me in the right direction to find out how to implement this feature? Thank you Paulie PS: in case you would like to see the look that i am trying to achieve you can see these sample shortcodes in the following link: http://themes.doitmax.de/wordpress/invictus/?page_id=17