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  1. I am using Co-Authors Plus to allow for multiple authors on my website. I am having an issue where the author that is listed first on a post is having their bio show up on the second author's page. Here's an example: http://icatsbeta.com/code/author/joncarl/ Notice the name in the header and the name listed in the bio belong to two different authors. The problem goes away when I deactivate Co-Authors Plus. I reported the issue to the plugin author (link button on toolbar didn't work so sorry for pasting http://wordpress.org/support/topic/co-authors-author-profile-mix-up?replies=9#post-3802728) and they recommended I incorporate the Co-Authors Plus template tags into Pagelines. http://vip.wordpress.com/documentation/incorporate-co-authors-plus-template-tags-into-your-theme/ I'm not sure how to do this using the functions.php in the pagelines-customize folder. Can anyone help?
  2. The problem is exactly this: edit link shows up in features and boxes sections when no user is logged in. I think, after several tests, that the problem is with some incompatibility with the Co-Authors plus plugin. The edit link disappears when the plugin is deactivated. Any suggestion, besides deactivating de plugin, to resolve this issue?