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  1. Hi all! I'm having an issue figuring out how to specify in the Custom CSS section that I'd like to make modifications to Callout sections individually, rather than site-wide. This code will hide the text and title on all of the Callouts:   .callout_text {    display: none;  }   I've been trying to figure out how to only apply it to Callout clone #2, but can't get it right. I know it involves "clone_2", but I'm unable to find the relevant line with Firebug. Could someone please help? Thank you!
  2. I have two issues: 1. I am having duplicate clones show up. They invent themselves -- even sections that I've never used before have three clones. I have no idea where most of the clones are. 2. The content box that I put in my sidebar does not show up on all pages. I definitely have the sidebar activated. I deleted and reinstalled pagelines and the theme that I'm using (simplicate).
  3. Hi again, I was looking at the source code of the site I'm working on. I had duplicated a box section so I could have two sets of boxes on the home page. Well, it looks like when you duplicate a section, the ID gets duplicated too, so now I have two places in my code that say: section id="boxes" IDs are supposed to be unique on a page. How can I fix this?