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  1. Hi, I've been unable to correctly reference the classes I've assigned to Content Boxes in the Custom CSS section. I learned how to adjust the individual things I want to modify (padding, margin, alignment, etc.), but all of my edits thus far have been applied site-wide to various sections or headers. Specifically, I'm trying to give the Content Box at the end of this page a negative top margin, to move it closer to the Accordion above it. The class I assigned to that Content Box is "faq". Could you please tell me exactly how to reference it? I know that I can find this information with Firebug, but I've spent the last couple of hours attempting to do so unsuccessfully.   You guys market Pagelines as needing no coding knowledge whatsoever to use, which is far from the truth in anything but the simplest cases, but I'm happy to learn as I go. That said, it would be nice if you could just tell me exactly what I need to type in to reference this specific Content Box. Doing so would save me hours of frustration now, and would also give me the knowledge I need to reference other sections that I've assigned classes to. Thanks for all of your help!
  2. Hi, The following customization method for boxes works for me: bluebox --> class added in Box Setup Options \ Boxes Custom Class .mybluebox {background-color: blue;} --> CSS for that class added in Site Options \ Custom code But when I put this styling code in my child theme style.less file, nothing happens. I tried to add PL overriding ID's and it does'nt help: #site .mybluebox {background-color: blue;} #page .mybluebox {background-color: blue;} Do I miss something e.g. combining with the .fbox class in my style.less, and if so which way :huh: ? I'm sorry to raise a subject much discussed in this forum but I'm lost! Many many thanks in advance.
  3. Ideally, I want to customize the read more link, so instead of being just a plain text link, it should become a button through the css class btn btn-primary. I have followed the instructions mentioned in this post (http://www.pagelines.com/forum/topic/23854-how-to-customize-read-more-link/) but for some reason it didn't work. add_filter( 'continue_reading_link', 'custom_reading_link' ); function custom_reading_link( $link ) { $link = str_replace( 'class="', 'class="btn btn-primary ', $link ); // now return new link return $link; } This basically inserts the .btn & .btn-primary classes into the continue reading link. I added the above code, however it didn't work. For some reason, the CSS classes are not added to the link. In order to check whether there was something wrong in general, I tried to customize the text using the continue_reading_link_text (instead of the continue_reading_link) and it worked perfectly fine. It seems to be the case that for some reason the $link parameter does not work. I tried resetting the $link variable to something random (like "http://www.google.com"), but it also didn't change the link. I really don't know what the issue is. The site I tried this on is www.friendsandcooks.com. Thanks for your help!