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  1. I've just started my journey with WordPress/BuddyPress/PageLines. I'm trying to escape the death grip of DotNetNuke. I have a Newby question (no doubt the first of many): I've read that it's best to work with child themes. Having just installed WordPress/BuddyPress/PageLines, I don't even know if what's installed by default is already a child theme. My Themes admin page shows the current them as PageLines Framework. Do I need to do anything before diving it to make changes, i.e. create a child theme? If so, could someone point me to some good beginners' resources on child themes, especially in the context of PageLines? Thanks for your patience with me. Steve
  2. Hi, I'm not a coder and by using Pagelines I've managed to put a pretty cool little site together on my own with some custom CSS help from a friend: http://www.undergroundhouse.tv I currently am running version 2.1.6 and I'm being prompted to update to 2.3.5. I don't know what a 'childs theme' is. Here's what I know.. .I am using the Transparency custom theme within Wordpress.org. "Transparency" calls itself a 'child theme'. I am using custom CSS code to set up my main page (containing an embedded video box for live broadcasting, 2 chat boxes, etc..) along with some other customization. I also prominently use the Kenburner slideshow app. What happens when I update to 2.3.5.? I can save the CSS code via copy & paste, but I'm unsure what I may (if anything) lose in this process. My website features a continuous line-up of live streaming DJs from around the world and we have bookings running into January... I cannot afford to have my site go down, so I've been putting this off. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, UGHTV
  3. Update concern

    I need to update PageLines to 2.3.2 but I'm concerned that my theme will be reverted back to the original. I'm using the standard PageLines theme and all customisation has been done through the "Site options" menu via the PageLines tab. Will changes to fonts, colours etc be lost when I update? I also need to update to WordPress 3.4.2. Can I expect any major effects on my PageLines set up? Is there anything I should do other than what WordPress recommends - http://codex.wordpress.org/Updating_WordPress Thank you.