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  1. [Solved] Multisite Child Themes

    I am working on a multisite installation and had some questions regarding the themeing options. All the sites will have the same structure but each individual site would need a different h1 font and link color. I had originally thought that I would program/edit the parent theme to have a certain set of templates, font sizes, etc. and then that would feed to all the individual sites where I could activate the child theme and use the child theme to define the individual sites' specific link color, heading fonts, etc. So, what I was shooting for was: Parent theme = shared by all sites Child theme = specific to the minor customizations on a per site basis. Is this possible? Am I misunderstanding how these would actually deploy to the different sites?
  2. Child Theme Icon

    Should be a simple answer but not sure why its not doing this. I have a child theme installed on pagelines 5 that has a hook so it will write over the theme css. Strange is that when I am on the frontend the code works but in the dashboard your theme takes over my code and its no where to be found. See examples attachments @Andrew @Danny
  3. pagelines.com childtheme

    Hi, I noticed that framework and pagelines.com child theme has a number of errors when run through themecheck. The others, like material and bootstrap, don't have any errors when run through theme check. Is there a way to get it so that there are no errors on the child theme?
  4. Sidebars in child theme post pages

    Hi, I am trying to remove the sidebar areas from my child theme (pagelines.com) from the post pages on a site: https://staging4.talltreemusicfestival.com/2017/grand-analog/ The content is all the way to the left and very small, and the two sidebar areas are taking up a lot of space. What I'm after is content to the left, taking up most of the space, and then a small sidebar width on the right for widgets. I've tried selecting 'read width content' and 'full width content' in the edit screen for the WP content section, but it doesn't change. If I try to move the sidebars (1 or 2) to the left, it doesn't change. If I select the pagelines framework theme (not child), the two sidebars go away when not selecting them in the edit screen.. Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance. -Matt
  5. Add Script After Opening Body Tag

    What file do I need to add code to in my pl-framework-pagelines child theme to insert script after opening body tag on every page? Can you someone provide me with the code also?
  6. I was using your theme nicks-base-theme-master I installed it and then activated it, it then Broke my SQL/website. This is the error I see Fatal error: Call to undefined function pl_add_theme_tab() in /home/triggerf/public_html/responsive-website-design.com/wp-content/themes/n icks-base-theme-master/nicks-base-theme-master/functions.php on line 82 I had an FTP backup copy of all the files, but it has not fixed the problem,
  7. HI   It is a simple question. I can't find it in the DMS store and anywhere.   Thanks in advance.
  8. My issue is that, even though the DMS child theme seems to be working okay, I'm getting this message at Appearance > Themes: This child theme requires its parent theme, PageLines DMS. The parent theme is the default DMS theme at wp-content/themes/dms. The child theme is a copy of the parent "dms" folder, at wp-content/themes/dms-child, with the following style.css content: /* Theme Name: PageLines DMS Child Theme URI: http://www.pagelines.com/tour Description: Child theme for PageLines DMS Author: PageLines Author URI: http://www.pagelines.com/ Template:  dms Version: 1374175685 */ @import url("../dms/style.css"); According to my reading of http://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes, the line Template:  dms in the DMS child theme's style.css file is correct, as it's supposed to reflect the folder in which the parent theme is located. (Do I understand that correctly?)   However, Pageline's documentation at http://docs.pagelines.com/developer/child-themes says that the line should be Template: pagelines Changing the DMS child style.css line "Template: dms" to "Template: pagelines" breaks the DMS child theme. (I recall that when in beta, DMS was in the directory "pagelines" but was changed shortly before launch to the directory "dms," so I'm guessing that the Pagelines documentation at http://docs.pagelines.com/developer/child-themes never got updated.)   Anyway, I must be missing something simple, but so far, I haven't figured this out. What am I doing wrong? This is my first child theme, and I'm anxious to get going. :)   Steve   P.S. I actually posted this to a Pagelines forum, but for the life of me, I can't find the posting and this forum looks quite different. So I'm re-posting here. My apologies in advance if I seem to be double-posting.
  9. We have been customizing sites with the old framework for about a year and loved it.  We could easily add hooks into the site (for example a line under the post title or a footer design at the bottom of the site) but now it seems we cannot do that without going through all the hoops of creating a child theme?    Please tell me I am missing something here.  We have been with pagelines for almost a year now and have used the custom CSS code plus the hooker plugin to make some awesome custom sites.  Now, it seems a lot more complicated?    I have read the docs on hooks a couple times and this just seems way more complicated than it used to be.  Are we getting hooker back for DMS?   And I cannot even attempt to create a child theme because the base theme is not available for download.     Please help!
  10. Hello,   I tried to use the 'sexy snips' code to center the navigation for simplicitate, a couple of plug-ins (now deleted) from wp, as well as other code found in the forums. alas, nothing has worked.    just to be clear, before i posted to the forums i deactivated all of my plugins. i tried the code in every one of the sections available (since i figured it was possible i put it in the wrong 'section'). so far, no love.    is anyone able to provide some simple code i can put in the 'custom code section' which might work with this theme to center the navigation?    oh, and while i'm on here (heheheh) is there any way to switch to very simple text navigation? the buttons for this theme are rather 'bulky'. if not, no worries. i'm more concerned about centering the nav in any case.   by the way, everyone who's responded on these forums have been awesome. it's such a relief (and very refreshing) for those of us with no coding skills to be helped in such a friendly way. thanks again. :)    i'm so glad i bought this software. i was terrified i'd end up without support again. - let me know if you need a testimonial.    cheers, mary
  11. Hi,   I found pagelines very good building web sites. But sometimes, plugins, sections and others features are not sufficient to meet some requirements. I want to display a custom post type on a special template. Here is the doc http://support.pagelines.me/docs/customization/create-a-custom-page-template/ but there is not code query post or custom post from the database.   1. If my custom post type are jobs. How to do to display a list of jobs of a post ? Which query to use ?   2. If a want to display a single job, which will be the name of template file : page.job.php ?     I have download a classified plugin from mpmudev and when i log in to my website i see that a classifieds archive and classifieds template are created. See http://paste.pagelines.com/17g . My question is where i can find this template file because there are not in my child base theme ? You can see http://paste.pagelines.com/7x7 .   Thanks
  12. Branding Transparent

    Hey guys, I'm trying to make the background for the branding area at the top of the page transparent and I was hoping to just adjust the css for that area rather than make the whole page background transparent and adjusting all the css below branding. I'm using a child theme for my css and this is what I've got: #page #branding { background-color: transparent; } In firebug I'm seeing that rule applied, but its not actual affecting the background of branding. Any thoughts?
  13. hi, i have a child theme based on pagelines, now i need to create multiple childs themes that are based on the first child theme, an example. this is my first child theme: /* Theme Name: uKnowKids Theme URI: http://www.uKnowKids.com/ Description: uKnowKids.com wordpress theme Version: 1.0 Author: Rommel Castro A. Author URI: http://www.rommelxcastro.com Tags: Template: pagelines */ now i need to create a child theme based on the other child theme /* Theme Name: Abeanstalk Theme URI: http://abeanstalk.com/ Description: Theme for Abeanstalk Author: Rommel Castro Author URI: http://rommelxcastro.com/ Template: uKnowKids Version: 0.1.0 */ but is not worknig, i can't see the theme in pagelines, what can i do?
  14. Hello, I have framework 2.4.1, and I've got the child (base) theme installed and activated for my css customizations. I also have google fonts installed as a plugin and they work when I call them from the "Typography" section. However, what I can't figure out is how to call them from within the child theme. When I try this: .masthead .masthead-title { font-family: "Cabin Condensed",sans-serif; font-weight: 500; font-style: bold; color: #FFB90F; font-size: 58px; text-shadow: 3px 3px 4px rgb(85, 85, 85); } The font defaults to sans. I can put any google font in that first slot, and it doesn't work. The other stuff, i.e., color, weight, shadow all work fine. I'm sure this is super elementary, and I just don't know what I am doing wrong. Thanks in advance for help.
  15. Hi please help. I have succesfully updated the pagelines framework to 2.4.1 and updated the base theme to 1.0.2 and I have created a child theme from base theme 1.0 previously. Now when I visit my website I see that the upgraded base theme does not load the child theme css anymore. (when debugging in firebug I only see the compiled css) I have hower created a child theme with custom css. What is going on? Can I downgrade my base theme? or can I let the basetheme load the child theme css again? www.emagiz.com Please let me now as soon as possible. Thanks. Pieter
  16. I have a multisite wordpress install using the Pagelines Framework theme. I have created two child themes for Pagelines -- one for the parent site and one for the sub sites. I am trying to get the sub sites to display the same header and footer content as the parent site. Because Pagelines populates it's header and footer content dynamically based on Pagelines settings for each site (and not hard coded), is there any way to serve the header and footer content from the parent site to all of the sub sites? Anyone got an idea on how to accomplish this? The parent site (using pagelines child theme: kid 2 kid) is here: http://updated-kid2kid.com the test subsite (using pagelines child theme: kid 2 kid stores) is here: http://updated-kid2kid.com/test My logic is that there might be some code I can add to a header.php file for the /test child theme that will display the header content from the parent site... Open to ideas! Thanks!
  17. Hej, I'm doing my first steps with LESS and tried to split my styles into different files. But importing into my style.less seems not to work as it's supposed to be. (Probably I'm too dumb to see the mistake) As long as my LESS-Code (do you say 'code'?) is in the style.less everything is perfectly fine, but as soon as I put it in a file in the subfolder '/less/' of my childtheme it's not taking effect anymore. I tried @import with a relative path @import 'less/downloads.less'; - it seems to cause a error while compiling, so the page isn't loading anymore. and I tried an absolute path @import '@{plChildRoot}/less/downloads.less'; - the page loads correctly but my style changes don't take effect + I can't find them in the compiled CSS-File. ( + I tried both ' and " ) Thank you very much in advance.
  18. Hello, How do I changed the social icon images in the branding section while using child theme? I have uploaded new png files to replace old ones to use for other social networks but when updating the theme today it changed back to the default icons, so how do I implement this using child theme so I dont get overwritten when updating themes next time? Also, is there a way to add rel="nofollow" to the social icon links and rss links? I believe this is an important SEO issue. Thanks, Colin
  19. I see config file for Site Options /themes/pagelines/includes/config.options.php Is there a way to overide or add more fields to Site Options from child theme (by NOT touch Pagelines core file)? Thanks