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  1. Center blockquotes?

    I would really like to center some blockquotes I have on a clients spec site. this is the current code I'm using because it's the closest way I can get it centred: [row] [span4][/span4] [span5][pl_blockquote cite="Anonymous"] A certain darkness is needed to see the stars.[/pl_blockquote][/span5] [span3][/span3] [/row] It's off a bit but I really like the style of the blockquote. I've tried using the "center" shortcode but it centers the text and moves the line to the left edge of the page. I would like to have it look like the attached file just completely centred on the page. Any help would be great
  2. Hello, I need help with the header: 1. Change the color behind my uploaded logo to black 2. Center the logo (I will not be using the area to the right for social media icons) 3. Remove the space/padding around the logo so that it is flush with the top of the screen, the nav bar, and left and right margins -- Actually if I did this, I guess changing the color behind it would be irrelevant because it would take up the entire space. See http://severxance.com/ I am trying to get it to look similar to the attached mockup. Thank you.
  3. Center Custom Logo

    Hi, I'm trying to center a custom logo in the header of this website: http://www.rumbleranch.com I was able to center the nav classic with custom CSS code but have been unable to center the logo with CSS code I've found that already exists in the forums. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks, Taylor
  4. Center Logo In Brandnav

    I am building a website using Paglines Framework. I would love to center the logo similarly to the attached pic. Any ideas on how to best accomplish this?
  5. How do you center you logo on the fixed navbar?
  6. I put a Universal sidebar under my branding on BBQNewsroom.com I want the search feild to be centered underneath the logo. How would I go about doing this?
  7. Sorry, I just found another with the answer to this question. Too late to delete.