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  1. Hiya,   I've tried several different ways to center the main navigation for our site, but it still prefers to be a left-handed wallflower.    I used the code from 'sexy snips' and some code found in the forum from a user who sought to do the same thing last year. I even tried a couple of plugins.    I have a large number of plug-ins on my site so I deactivated everything and then cleared the cache as per some forums I read earlier. Still no love.    Thoughts? Suggestions? Code for the custom code area? (also, I put the custom code in the CSS Rules section). To be clear I have no knowledge of CSS at all. When I have time I will attempt learn, but for now I'm relying on those far more clever than myself. lol   Please let me know.   Thanks!   Noob. (aka Mary)
  2. [attachment=1256:Screen shot 2013-07-18 at 12.48.02 AM.png]I am trying to configure my classic navigation bar to eliminate the search bar. I've already unchecked the box under headers and footers, but because I've entered custom code to also center the navigation bar (found on another thread here), it appears to have overridden the original setting. Here is the code I have entered in the custom code area labeled CSS/LESS:   #site .navigation_wrap .main_nav { margin-right: 0; }#site .main_nav ul { text-align: center; float: none; }#site .main_nav ul > li { float: none; display: inline-block; }   Is there any way to keep the classic navigation centered while also eliminating the search box?   My website url is: www.hawlieohe.com   I have also attached a jpg here showing what it looks like now. Thank you in advance for your help!   Hawlie
  3. Hello,   I tried to use the 'sexy snips' code to center the navigation for simplicitate, a couple of plug-ins (now deleted) from wp, as well as other code found in the forums. alas, nothing has worked.    just to be clear, before i posted to the forums i deactivated all of my plugins. i tried the code in every one of the sections available (since i figured it was possible i put it in the wrong 'section'). so far, no love.    is anyone able to provide some simple code i can put in the 'custom code section' which might work with this theme to center the navigation?    oh, and while i'm on here (heheheh) is there any way to switch to very simple text navigation? the buttons for this theme are rather 'bulky'. if not, no worries. i'm more concerned about centering the nav in any case.   by the way, everyone who's responded on these forums have been awesome. it's such a relief (and very refreshing) for those of us with no coding skills to be helped in such a friendly way. thanks again. :)    i'm so glad i bought this software. i was terrified i'd end up without support again. - let me know if you need a testimonial.    cheers, mary