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  1. By setting a Custom Structure to -> /%category%/%postname%/ DMS no longer work correctly, and returns a 404 page   Activating standard theme works all the correct     Clean installation!!   My settings custom slug -> /%category%/%postname%/   my .htaccess     # BEGIN WordPress <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteRule ^index\.php$ - [L] RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule . /index.php [L] </IfModule>   # END WordPress
  2. Hello, I would like the category pages not to show the .current_posts_info saying "currently viewing category 'Catname'" but instead just to show the category name in an h1 style. Is it easy to do? (I'm not good at php!)
  3. I have an "is this possible" question.   First, the tech stuff. I'm using PageLines 2.4.4, and will switch to DMS when it's available. My clients site is hidden behind a Coming Soon page, but I don't think you need to see the site. I'm pretty good with html and css, can do "cut and paste" php, and am poor at javascript.   Background: My client hired me to build an online catalog. Products for sale will each have a blog post, with one of a couple dozen categories.  My client wants a "slideshow" of photos of products in that category on the autogenerated product list page (the Blog template). The list of "Living Room" products should have a different slideshow than the "Kitchen" list, etc. These photos will not be the featured images on posts, but other images that will only be in the "slideshow".   I would like to use Feature Sets for the photos, with a different set for each category. This will make it easy for my client to add/change the photos. I'm willing to use a different system of displaying images, if that works better.   My Question: is it possible for the autogenerated Blog template to use different Feature Sets based on the Category used for the Blog posts?   Example: A customer selects "Living Room" to see the autogenerated list of products for the living room, AND a slideshow of photos of living room stuff. The customeer then selects "Kitchen" and sees the autogenerated list of kitchen products AND the slideshow contains kitchen photos.
  4. Setting up a Directory

    Hello..   Im trying to set up a business directory for business owners in buy local group. Im working on just using posts but would like to have search filter that you can choose by a tag or category.  I found a similar set up on another site i liked but cant seem to figure out how to make it all work.( http://www.portlandbuylocal.org/directory/ )  Any suggestions for already existing plugins or sections?    I think the setup for Pagelines showcase area would work pretty well with the categories on the left and  a featured site section on top could be featured business.  Im assuming that was built using all pagelines components. ( http://www.pagelines.com/showcase/ )   Thanks Jarrod    
  5. Dear all, I would like to exclude one category from the main blog page. The idea is to keep 'lighter' posts out of the main flow of posts. This seems so obvious now, I may have overlooked the obvious way to go about this. Thanks in advance, Kind regards, Floris
  6. Hello, we are having difficulties translating Pagelies Framework into Swedish, I downloaded the .po and .mo files from the translation project site and they work fine. The problem is that I cannot translate certain strings, most urgently the "By" and "On" strings on the post category page, the "Edit" link string translated fine. It seems as though the By and On strings are not taken from the pagelines .po and .mo files, as I have translated them there using Poedit. http://imgur.com/4oSESl6
  7. Hi, I'm facing a strange issue displaying my post by category. If I go to the category http://www.bienal-stp.org/category/noticias/ everything is correct and setup has I defined in PageLines-> Site Options -> Blogs and Posts but, when I click in one of the left links of category archive by month http://www.bienal-stp.org/2013/01/?cat=7 I loose thumb and excerpt, I don't have the posts list with the same appearance as in general category page. How can I fix this? Thanks
  8. So im currently working on a site that has alot of member profiles. I have been trying to find the easiest / cleanest way to make this look good and function well. This is the site I found that i really think works well. http://www.portlandbuylocal.org/directory/ I know they are just using posts and categories. Does pagelines already have a section for this? Or any feedback on the best route to make all the jive together? Some keep points i like. -Top Browse filter section -Integrated map on the side that will expand and show all the filtered maps you are currently look at. - Browse by tags sidebar widget - recently viewed members on on a sidebar widget once you click on one of the members. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jarrod
  9. Hi! I use a plugin called Special Recent Posts to display my posts. I created static pages and I display the posts with a shortcode [srp ... "category=7" ...] to have the result: http://www.bienal-stp.org/noticias/ I have an archive menu by month for the category and when I click on one of the months I get all posts for the chosen month but with the default layout, and not the one I have with srp shortcode: http://www.bienal-stp.org/2013/01/?cat=7 How can I alter this, having the posts list selected from archive widget link with srp layout? Thanks
  10. Hi there, in one project i'm working on, the category sites are empty. I've built a childtheme, based on the "basetheme". How could i manage it, that the post are displayed by clicking on the category links in the sidebar and is it possible to show the the sidebar with the archives and categorys at the singlepost / category-page / archiv-page? Kind Regards Marten Website URL: http://sivat.qbus.de/blog/ Framework Version: 2.1.1 WordPress Version: 3.5.1
  11. Is there a way to show full posts on category pages? I can see how to do with via php but is there a less invasive and update-proof way? Edit- Ooops! Found it.
  12. Hi, I will try to do my best to be clear as I am very new on wordpress and cannot find in any topics a right answer to my problem. My question is first : "How to get access to category pages without any widget or menu ?" I do not want either to use the categories widget you can put to your sidebar neither the one of the menu options of the navigation bars. As on the layout enclosed, i would be able to acess to my specific categories by just clicking on the corresponding icon in the sidebar i created with text widget. One button is linked to the whole blog, the others should be linked to the specific categories. More of this, and this could be my second question : i would like to add a specific layout on these specific pages which are linked to their respective categories. At least an introduction to its in the header for example. Thank you for helping... Boutons_categories.pdf
  13. It would have been really nice if one easily could create different templates for category pages, so that one could create special page layouts for some categories and have standard page layout for the rest. (Both for the category archive page and for posts in a certain category). This would turn Wordpress into a full fledged CMS, which is what I need really. If one could control the layout with Pagelines drag-and-drop it would be awesome. Have anyone done anything like this? Is there a guide or a thread in the forums on how to do it? I'm sure I'm not the first person to ask for it, but I'm not sure what terms to search for so instead I'm asking for your help finding the right threads. (The best thing would be if someone made a plugin for Pagelines to do this, something which I'm quite sure it would be very popular.) Just to clarify what I mean, if it is unclear, here's the case: My website is for a non-profit political organisation, and we publish news about our issues. We would like to incorporate a "leaders blog" where she posts more blog-like posts (personal touch-things) on what she is doing, as well as a blog with contributions from our academic council. I want a different layout for these blog pages than from the regular news pages, to clearly separate them.
  14. Hi guys, The number of excerpt that appear in a category page seems to be limited to 10 like in that case : http://www.criesthubert.be/wordpress/category/familles I have 12 articles in that category, so 2 are not showed... How can I do to make all of them appear as excerpt? Is it possible to increase the number of excerpt on the same page or to add a "Previous Entries" button like in the Blog page? Thank you ! olivier
  15. I am working on a project that utilizes both Blog category and category name. I am trying to have the blog archive page list only posts for the Blog category and an additional archive for posts from other categories, for example: If a post is from category Sports, it shows on somedomain.com/category/sports or somedomain.com/sports/somepost and not under somedomain.com/blog and so on, and so forth. This is not added right now natively, so I will need to build a custom template to do this, but this could be a most beneficial addition to the pagelines frame work.
  16. Hi, I have been looking for a solution that a page loads only a specific category. For example: I like that the Page Tutorials shows only the Tutorials category. I really appreciate your suggestions. Thanks, Amir
  17. Assign Colors To Categories

    Hi there, I'd like to assign a specific background color for each category I created. For example, something like that : http://cl.ly/image/0I26430L0m3E. My website. How can I do that ? Thank you for your kind help! Jean-Philippe
  18. Leave Section On Specific Category Page

    Hi there, i need help for made this thing: leave the box section in a specific category page.. like only in this one: http://www.aaabuyitaly.com/ru/category/commercial-real-estate/ i have to leave the node? If yes.. how? Other way? Thanks for fast reply..
  19. Hi :-) A few days ago I got help with using features in the header - and showing it in another size than the other features on the site I'm working on: http://bedreweb.dk/boeprojektnov12/ (http://www.pagelines.com/forum/topic/23735-different-sizes-on-features-in-header-and-content-area/). Now I would like to be able to show different headers/features according to which category? So whenever you see a post in category xyz you see the xyz-feature in the header.... :-) Bolette
  20. Hi. I'm trying to target CSS for a specific category that is called cookies . I tried : .category-cookies .one-sidebar-left #pagelines_content #sidebar1{min-height:3000px;} this doesn't seem to work. Does anyone have any advice on this?
  21. Hi supports I ask about Category , Vanilla , mediawiki pages , What are they and how can use them Thanks
  22. Posts Page

    Is it possible to make the latest posts 'home page' only display posts from a particular category? in the setup options under static page, what is the second option for? ie. settings/reading/static page/ the second options posts page.... do you have a link to help on this in documentation? is there are link between the 2 questions above?
  23. Hello there! I would like to exclude posts from a specific category on my homepage running Postpin section. How can I do that ? Maybe I can use a specific WP plugin ? Thank you for you help! Jean-Philippe
  24. Hi. I'm trying to add pagination to a category page. The only content on the page will be different boxes from the same box set. I would like to show only 15 boxes per paginated page and show the next 15 on the next paginated page and so on. Is there a way to this? As for now the pagination works but I always see only the first 15 boxes over and over again on every paginated page. Thanks.
  25. Hi, I'm using platform pro and qTranslate plugin. I'm translating all the posts but in one category, I only want to use one language, so I would like to hide the language flags, only for that category. Any idea of how can I do that? Thank you very much!