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  1. Since updating to the latest release of the paglines framework (2.2.5 I think, from 2.2.3), a change has occured to the background of my carousel section - instead of matching the rest of the site, it is now a dark grey texture band that fills the full width of the background (like the light grey used for the Twitter section). Using Firebug, I can see that there is a class applied to each section called 'texture'. The 'texture' is fine for highlights and other sections (except for the Twitter bar, but that has always been light grey), it's just different now for the Carousel. I've tried over-riding the CSS but failed miserably. Could you advise what CSS I need to add to get rid of it so that the background matches the rest of hte page You can see the problem on the home page at www.joiningdots.com The iBlogPro5 theme has been applied. Many thanks.