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  1. Nomenclature Confusion

    I don't even know what name to ask about. My website mylateralevolution.com was all set up and going and after some weird weeks of images randomly not loading and widgets not working it's somehow sorted itself out. BUT a few days ago I opened the page and out of nowhere at the top of my content was a pagelines image..um..carousel?...with 3 pagelines images rotating through. I didn't put it there. It wasn't there for weeks. Just appeared.    One of the FIRST things I did when setting up and importing my blog was to delete all the default pagelines images and watermarks, and this thing disappeared, but now it's back. Except now when I search through all the menus in pagelines/wordpress I cannot find them anywhere in order to remove them. Every spot with a browse/upload space for an image is blank, and the images aren't in my media list. They're ghooooosts.    Is there another place I'm not looking? Is it a default jetpack thing (can't find info there either)?   **Suggestions for Pagelines especially for newbies who might learn visually...a support page, with images of multiple website/blog screens with tons of content... And arrows. With labels of what that thing or section is. And links saying "if you want to change this, go here on the menu."  And let us figure it out from there?