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  1. Hi,   I'm using Poppy plugin in the new DMS system. I'm trying to disable the Captcha but with no success. After altering the necessary and saving the changes and refreshing the web page, the captcha remains availbale.   Here is a video link showing a demonstration of what i am doing.   http://screencast.com/t/URCNJN0h39     Thanks.
  2. Can you explain to me how to use the captcha as in the example? Have installed a captcha plugin, but it does not show up. What am I doing wrong?
  3. Hi, I am using the latest version of pagelines and noticed that I am not able to put a captcha plugin to work at comments in any post. I am trying now AlphaOmega Captcha & Anti-Spam Filter that is supposed to work with pagelines but no luck. Issue seems to be that when I click in the Leave a reply the form for commenting is then loaded in Ajax and due to this the captcha plugin fails. Is anyone facing similar problems? How am I able to get this working? Thank you in advance.