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  1. Conflict with Time.ly

    Time.ly reports a conflict with Pagelines. http://help.time.ly/customer/portal/articles/942302-conflict-with-1-9-and-pagelines-theme Has this been fixed?
  2. I found many plugin that have conflict with pagelines meta panel setting. Listed here: Events Planner - Conflict css Ajax Event Calendar - Conflict css Event Manager - Conflict css Event Organiser (very nice plugin and simple) but... there's some conflict! Event Calendar / Scheduler - Many error Event Espresso - Conflict Is not possible!! How we can have a plugin that manage event, booking for event or simple event calendar that work perfect with pagelines?? All those plugin are well update! Let me know something please;) Thanks for fast reply Stefano Now i'm using Event Organiser .. see here: http://microespressi...zione-completa/ and this is the issue: http://microespressi...le-16.25.52.jpg