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  1. Every single day people ask us how to speed up their sites. So here are the most common reasons why a site can be slow and some solutions.   Shared Hosting   Shared hosting speeds depend on many factors.   How many other people are you sharing with? Often this is the main contributing factor and using the this tool you can instantly see how many other sites are competing for the resources.   Networked files systems. Often shared hosts will use networked filesystems to get more and more customers onto their overloaded servers. This is great unless you have many small files to load ( think file based object/db cache ) and the webserver has to fetch every single one over the network!   Poorly configured. Sometimes hosts disable a lot of core PHP functionality to make it more secure. SuHosin if not configured properly can cause problems.   One of the worse things for slowing down the web server is the amount of HTTP requests on a page. Back in the old days it would be one html file and a few images, so maybe 5 requests per page. Things have changed dramatically now! Ive tested some sites reported slow on this forum and seen well over 100 HTTP requests on one page alone! Imagine there are 1000 other sites on that server all with 100 requests per page! Now do you see why shared hosting is kinda slow sometimes? ​So there are a couple of ways to squeeze some more speed out of that 2 bit outfit you are paying next to nothing a month for.   Caching. Im going to stick my neck out here and recommend wp-super-cache. Its been around for ages and just works! It will store your pages/posts etc as static files and serve them via .htaccess so PHP is not even loaded. Also has built in support for CDN Pull Zone.   CDN. A Content Distribution Network offloads all your small files ( css/js/images ) to many other servers around the world and they are served by the closest server to the end user thats viewing your page, this speeds up your page response time by a huge amount! ​Remember all those HTTP requests  I mentioned just now? There are a few CDN plugins about none of which I have the time to test so I wrote one myself, its attached to this post. I adds a menu to the PageLines admin area with a text area to add your pullzone. If you need a cheap CDN package I recommend MaxCDN.    Resources mentioned in this post.   WordPress Super Cache   Reverse IP lookup tool   MaxCDN
  2. I have recently re-CSS'd my site to be more responsive. I have also been messing with stylized features that I could add to the site to make it a bit more appealing. I have 3 boxes underneath the quickslider of my site used as sub navigation. they are RESCUE, RECOVERY, and RESTORATION. Originally these were red, green and blue (in the same order). This was done with CSS to color them and make them larger than normal "a" links. I removed the code with command+X and inputed new code in to try a different effect. It wasn't working. I then deleted the new code and hit command+V to paste back in the old code. it didn't take. Now I can't get the box titles to respond at all to any code. I check the title with "Inspect Element" in Chrome and the CSS doesn't even show up as incorrect or not taken in the CSS panel. It just isn't there. I have correctly opened and closed the CSS commands but still nothing. Here is the CSS I originally used div#fbox_3285.fbox h3 { font-size:36px; color:#b7001f; } div#fbox_3283.fbox h3 { font-size:36px; color:#506e1f; } div#fbox_3281.fbox h3 { font-size:36px; color:#032e55; } I already tried adding a more specific tag to the div by adding ".fboxtitle" before "h3" and that didn't work either. Please help! http://www.ugmspokane.org -James
  3. Hello All, I have W3 Total Cache configure on my site with CloudFront CDN but according to tools.pingdom.com the pagelines pageless css file is still loading from the server. I searched but could not find how this file could be included in the CDN. Any help would be sincerely appreciated. ~eric Website URL: epiceventsatlanta.com Framework Version: 2.4 WordPress Version: 3.5.1 Plugins in Use: yes Server/Host: AWS EC2 CentOS Screenshots: Details: