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  1. I ran in to a problem with button shortcodes several months ago while working on a site for a client. At that time, time was of the essence so I worked around the issue.   Same problem has reared it's head again.   When using multiple button shortcodes on a page is where I run into problems. The url, button type, color...any attribute actually, is corrupted. Is it not possible to have multiple buttons on the same page that have differing button text, link, color, etc. attributes?   A link is worth a thousand words, here are two. You may need to look at the page source for more. http://www.patrickfarber.com/site/about/ http://www.patrickfarber.com/site/button-test/   My attempts to remedy: PL version is up to date Plugins active/inactive no change Multiple browsers - i.e., ff, chrome, opera, etc. Multiple button types I"m toast - Any help is appreciated. -Paul
  2. I am trying to create block level buttons—those that span the full width of a parent— by adding Twittter's Bootstrap .btn-block. But it seems Pagelines does not support that. Can I create block level buttons using styles PageLines already uses?
  3. Bootstrap buttons

    I noticed that the PageLines shortcode for buttons defaults to type="info" if no type is specified. Why is it not the same default as Bootstrap's default ( http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap/base-css.html#buttons )? I tested "danger" and it actually resulted in the Bootstrap default/silver button. I tested "default" and it did the same. In fact, adding type="anything-that-is-not-recognized" results in the Bootstrap default/silver button. 1) is type="default" the recommended/approved way to get the default/silver button? 2) why does "important" make a red button but "danger" does not? 3) I tried type="link" and it didn't generate the Bootstrap 'link' button type. How can I get that? 4) Why is the button size "small" not supported? Only "mini" and "large" are supported per http://demo.pagelin.co.in/framework/tools/ . Can you add support for "small" size? 5) I noticed http://demo.pagelin.co.in/framework/tools/ documentation does not mention type="primary" or how to get the "default" button. I think it should. 6) Can you add shortcode support for the "disabled" class? Thank you.
  4. Hi, I have some buttons at the bottom of my page and they are off in Internet Explorer 9. How can I fix this? Thanks! See screenshot: