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  1. The front page of my website, www.entry.com has an (edit) hyperlink beside each of the boxes and banners. It does not seem to affect any other part of the website and it is the only page using template 1. At first I thought it was because I was logged in but, when I logged out and I cleared all my cache, cookies, etc.... still had the same issue. Please let me know how to turn this off. Thanks, John McDonald
  2. Problem with LaunchPage

    Hi there, just reintalled all.. DB, WP, PAGELINES on my site HERE And.. when i active launcpage.. the background became black, no fomatting to template.. all is fault! What can be..? See the screenshoot in attachments. LaunchPage Active: LaunchPage Deactivated: Someone can help me please? Thanks for fast reply. Stefano
  3. Hi there, I upgraded from PL 2.3.3 to 2.3.4 this morning and now I'm getting some weirdness.... 1. I'm getting the following error: "PageLines Custom LESS/CSS error. parse error: failed at `font-family: \"Century Gothic\", \"Helvetica Neue\", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; ` line: 970" The weird thing is that when you look at line 970 it does not have that font-family instruction... It's actually a box-shadow instruction... Besides, that line of code has been there for weeks and never gave me an error.... 2. The other issue (much bigger issue) is that none of the new CSS I'm adding is making any changes on the elements I'm targeting (I'm just trying to add a margin right now... nothing complex!) How do I downgrade to 2.3.3 again please?!?
  4. I found many plugin that have conflict with pagelines meta panel setting. Listed here: Events Planner - Conflict css Ajax Event Calendar - Conflict css Event Manager - Conflict css Event Organiser (very nice plugin and simple) but... there's some conflict! Event Calendar / Scheduler - Many error Event Espresso - Conflict Is not possible!! How we can have a plugin that manage event, booking for event or simple event calendar that work perfect with pagelines?? All those plugin are well update! Let me know something please;) Thanks for fast reply Stefano Now i'm using Event Organiser .. see here: http://microespressi...zione-completa/ and this is the issue: http://microespressi...le-16.25.52.jpg
  5. Hi, It's happened AGAIN, Pagelines brings out an update and it buggers something up which I now have to spend hours fixing, I'm honestly sick and tired of this. I've just updated to 2.3.4 and am now getting the error: parse error: failed at `#respond input[type="text"], .wp-comments .wp-comments-pad > #respond textarea { ` line: 1040 It happened when I simply tried to change one value in one line of css. The problem is, the custom css will NOT update when I change it. It saves, but when I inspect the webpage it hasn't changed anything. I'm certainly not a pro programmer or anything, but I can't understand why something that worked PERFECTLY is now giving these problems. -And I simply copied these values from Chrome Inspector where they were working fine as well. Is there a way to downgrade back to 2.3.3? **I URGENTLY need to get this fixed as I'm already way behind schedule. Thanks, Rob Site is still under development but here's the url: ultimatemasteringformula.com