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  1. Hi My site www.arkivsenteret.no/nyveileder is wird looking in Internet Exporer. It looks fine in both Chrome and Firefox.   Im using the latest version of both wordpress and Pagelines Developer.   [attachment=1168:three browsers.jpg]
  2. Hi   I am working on http://version2manometer.wpforalle.dk.   On the frontpage there is a feature. But the H1 font is a bit of a mystery...   In Safari it looks like this: http://screencast.com/t/ImF7EEzQtJVP In Firefox like this: http://screencast.com/t/6OscvthkYhRJ   I use the PageLines Googlefonts plugin and the font, Titillium Web, is set to Light...?    Is there anything to do or is a matter of accepting this? I thought the webfonts would show up the same in every browser?   Thank you :-) Bolette
  3. Hey all, I've recently noticed that all the banners used in a TEMPLATE section only seem to appear if viewed in Chrome & Safari, viewing in IE & Firefox they do not show. It's worth noting that I have set the banner module as an active section within the TEMPLATE 2 layout and switched it to 'not show' as default, then I re-enable the banner module on each individual page using whatever banner I need from a preset selection (I also hide the header on these pages to surpress the default header). I designed it this way in order to style each section with a unique header. Can someone please check the following page and tell me if they see the header banner or not? I have checked in various different browsers and am getting very mixed results... http://www.istianjin.org/index.php/our-promise/welcome-from-the-director/ I'm wondering if I've knackered it somehow? Thanks! Barney
  4. Font Awesome

    I'm currently using the Font Awesome Icons (for my social icons) and it appears they don't work in IE8, what about 9 or 10? They seem finicky in Firefox too...anyone else having this same issue? Looks great in Chrome. test.discoveryoutsourcing.com
  5. Cross Browser Issues

    Hello everyone, I've done quite a bit of menu styling and it works perfect in Firefox. However, when I use IE or Chrome the main page looks good, but the styling on the internal page menus is not taking affect. I'm not sure if it's just an issue on my end. The CSS is all very basic...any ideas why this would be? Thanks Tim ellelothlorien.com
  6. I have Frameworks 2.3. My site is www.lifechallengesemi.org. The site looks great and displays correctly in Safari, Chrome, Opera and Firefox (odd resolution for some reason in Firefox, but acceptable). However, the main nav bar displays incorrectly in IE 9. Incorrectly. I understand the issues with IE 8. I don't have a problem with that. I just need to know if there is a fix for IE 9. My settings for the navbar are these: Fixed navbar is not enabled. Standard NavBar theme selected is "Black Transparent (Default)". With these settings I am getting a weird blue menu bar with vignetted color from dark to light in IE 9. Nothing like the way it is supposed to be rendered and nothing like the way it is rendered in Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera. I must say, I have been reviewing these forums regarding browser incompatibility and I detect a note of snarkiness from the staff. Although I understand that it is hard to handle when a lot of people are upset with you and rude, please just answer the question. I don't care about IE 8. I only care about the incompatibility with IE 9. Is there a fix?