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  1. A few questions on header edits

    I a trying to do a few things that I had before on my site but they dissappeared with the most recent upgrade and the editor is different so I can't find what I need in the CSS. Yes, I have Firebug but I still can't find it. First I want the social icons to be larger. I've added the following many place bit it still isn't working. .icons {text-align: right;position: absolute;bottom: 50%; right:0px;line-height: 20px;height: 24px;} .icons a { display: block; width: 48px; height: 48px; margin-left: 8px; float: right; text-align: right; opacity: 0.8; } Basically I want less opacity and larger icons. Where/what am I doing wrong? Second I have this in my custom CSS .brand-links a{color:#786b5e !important;font-weight:bold;} .brand-links a:hover{color:#663300 !important;font-weight:bold;} .brand-links a {padding: 0 15px;margin: 0 0px;width: auto;} .brand-links { position:absolute;top:-200px;right:5px; width: 980px; } I then in the functions had a file with text links that appeared to the right of my logo above my social icons. I can not locate my previous thread on how to manually add those text links so I'm asking again. Thirdly I've tried to make the header space smaller in order to get more content above the fold but it does not move?