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  1. Hi I am having trouble getting a site logo to sit top right in the header and social icons top left... It -almost- works by setting custom CSS for the logo: .section-branding .mainlogo-link, .section-branding .mainlogo-img {float:right;} and then 'branding options - social icons' Distance from the right in pixels to a large value such as 1000 (under 'site options' then 'header and footer') The trouble with this approach is that the icons can be pushed off the edge of screen when narrowing the browser window or on a mobile platform... Far from ideal anyhow. What would be a better way of achieving this?
  2. Hello- the site is trailheadcounselling.com and as you will see, I've modified the size of the brand image. The layout of the whole siteis based on the width of the brand image, so I don't want to change that. (eg the sidebar is mapped right underneath the brand image) The problem is that the menu items: Home, About, Counselling Fees etc. OVERLAP the brand image at 768-800px width, and the little phone menu overlaps the brand image at 240px width (screen size) You can test it here:http://mattkersley.com/responsive/ I designed the site on a very wide screen, so didn't notice this problem till the very end, and now it's all designed, but buggy. I would like to shrink the menu responsively. What can I do? Thank you.