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  1. I am trying to use the Font Awesome short codes as images in my boxes.   <i class="icon-coffee"></i> icon-coffee   <span class="ibox-icon-border pl-animation pl-appear pl-contrast media-type-icon pla-group animation-loaded" style=""><i class="icon-3x icon-tablet"></i></span>   Thus far, I have tried pasting the short codes into the content editor, as well as the fields for Boxes Image and Boxes Custom Class.   Not sure what I'm missing here (other than an in-depth knowledge of CSS).   Thanks!  
  2. Hi there. I was wondering if it's possible to display several rows of boxes on the same page with the same box set. I have added more than 10 boxes in the same set and want all of the boxes displayed on the page. In one row I can choose to show 5 boxes from the specific set, which suits my needs. But in order to show the next 5 boxes it seems like I have to manually add another box set, assign the boxes to that set, add another box area and then choose the second box set. As the list needs to be in alphabetical order, this could prove to be quite time consuming when I have to update the list. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi I have created few Box Sets, and I assigned each Box to a Box Set, but for some reason after I created a new Page which I want to display Only 1 of my Box Set; it displays all of the Boxes.
  4. What is the right way to add box to an existing post and lock in the image that is associated with that post.