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  1. I am using a box to create text the spans the page. Which can be seen here : www.websitekings.co.uk   i.e the opening text below the banner.    Want to have full width text with a header and paragraph text beneath it, I want this on each page as the opening intro and at the bottom just below the footer.  I am using a box to achieve this, using CSS customisations. I am also using a highlight above and below the box to help divide the page.   The issue I am having at present is the padding, there is to much above and below the box. and I am wondering what the best method is to reduce the padding, that is if the box method for full width text is best suited for what I want to achieve.    
  2. padding

    I'm trying to reduce the padding around the logo, nav bar, boxes at the top of the site so that I can condense the website. Note all the white space. www.showtimerealtynw.com