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  1. Hi, PL 2.3.5 I like this tiny look of Labels and Badges, so I want them to be clickable. I know I can use Buttons but still want labels and badges for design purpose. Is there a way to customize colors in them? tnx
  2. Hi,   I tried to use "tabbable tabs-left" class to make a tab layout with the tabs on the left, but it was rendered incorrectly that the content area are misplaced on the bottom of the tab.  Does PageLines support tabs on the left in Bootstrap CSS?   I am using Pageline 2.4.2.   thanks, Ken
  3. Hi I am looking for an 'accordion' like approach that can be applied to individual sections of page content and work as a shortcode. A full accordion which does have a pagelines shortcode [pl_accordion] is not what I want as it collapses any other open sections and looks as though it does not like being used more than once on a page.. It is possible to code this directly calling bootstrap as follows: <a href="#" data-toggle="collapse" data-target="#demo3">click to reveal text 1</a> <div id="demo3" class="collapse out">text 1 to reveal contained here!</div> <br /> <a href="#" data-toggle="collapse" data-target="#demo4">click to reveal text 2</a> <div id="demo4" class="collapse out">text 2 reveal contained here!</div> The problem here is that each pairing (target / id) has to be set up by hand and as it's incremented and used HTML it is not sensible to give to end users to maintain. Much better would be a shortcode spproach which just sorted out correctly identifying the content area to expand or collapse and somehow handled incrementing id's in the background. Ideally in a form such as: [pl_collapse title="click to reveal text 1"] text 1 to reveal contained here! [/pl_collapse] I see there is a 'collapser' section in the store, but this looks to create custom post types, one per set of content, and offer much more by way of features and sophistication than I need. I am trying to keep all the content on one page!
  4. Hi, I'd like to a add a sub header inside my menu, just like this: http://ompldr.org/vaTlxZA I know I can do this using custom code, but I would like to use the menu structure of WP. How can I do this? Also, if I would be forced to do this manually, what's the easiest way to get that html code inside the header? Do I have to copy the header.php inside my child theme and add it there?
  5. Hi, My span3, span4 or span6 are not working when I integrate those classes within my HTML markup. It has worked in the past, however this time Im using LESS/CSS. What could be causing this? span12 seams to be working. You can view the example here.... http://bosscreative2.demos.thisisboss.com/
  6. Special navigation with divs

    I am trying to replicate the 'find', 'list', 'contact' menu bar here: http://www.huntersfairwaysothebysinternationalrealty.com/eng I believe I can do this with bootstrap components so I ended up putting this up there: <div class="bs-docs-example"> <div class="tabbable tabs-left"> <ul class="nav nav-tabs"> <li class="active"><a href="#lA" data-toggle="tab">Find</a></li> <li><a href="#lB" data-toggle="tab">List</a></li> <li><a href="#lC" data-toggle="tab">Contact</a></li> </ul> <div class="tab-content"> <div class="tab-pane active" id="lA"> alkdflkjas </div> <div class="tab-pane" id="lB"> The Art of Selling your Home. </div> <div class="tab-pane" id="lC"> <h2 style="padding-left: 30px;">Two locations to best serve your needs.</h2> <div class="info-block"> <p style="padding-left: 30px;"><a class="btn" href="/eng/offices/usa">VIEW LOCATIONS</a></p> <p style="padding-left: 30px;"><a href="/office/316-b-972-4000408">Wynstone</a>: +1 847.381.7100</p> <p style="padding-left: 30px;"><a href="/office/316-b-2013-4000932">Downtown Barrington</a>: +1 847.381.2049</p> <p style="padding-left: 30px;"><a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a></p> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> with this css: .tabs-left .nav-tabs > li > a { background-attachment:scroll; background-color:transparent; background-image:url(http://www.huntersfairwaysothebysinternationalrealty.com/resources/v_1_1_21_2/palettes/sir.dms.one/images/bg-footer-home.png); background-position:0 0; background-repeat:repeat repeat; color:#FFFFFF; float:left; padding:15px 20px 15px 30px; width:260px; } .tab-content { background-color:transparent; background-image:url(http://www.huntersfairwaysothebysinternationalrealty.com/resources/v_1_1_21_2/palettes/sir.dms.one/images/bg-footer-home.png); background-position:0 0; background-repeat:repeat repeat; display:table; padding-top:5px; width:100%; margin-left:313px; margin-bottom:313px; } h2 { color:#ffffff; font-size:28px; } I cannot figure out how to move the tab content div up to be even with the menue items. you guys rock, btw
  7. Hello everybody. We are working on this Web: http://beta.visualms.com/ If you put mouse over the first four dotted words, it will shows a "bootstrap tooltips" at the bottom. We want that the tooltips are more width, enough to keep the phrase in one line. We are using this code: <div class="span9" style="padding-left: 2%;"> <h1 class="headtitle-home">Somos un grupo tecnológico del sector del software empresarial con varias divisiones de negocio que comparten cuatro valores comunes: [pl_tooltip tip="Las personas trabajando a gusto damos lo mejor" position="bottom"]<span class="enlace-valor">personas</span>[/pl_tooltip], [pl_tooltip tip="El 20 % de rentabilidad nos permite crear el futuro que queremos" position="bottom"]<span class="enlace-valor">rentabilidad</span>[/pl_tooltip], [pl_tooltip tip="Evolucionamos en tecnologías para innovar en software" position="bottom"]<span class="enlace-valor">tecnología</span>[/pl_tooltip] y [pl_tooltip tip="Diseñamos con estilo sencillo y agradable" position="bottom"]<span class="enlace-valor">diseño</a>[/pl_tooltip].</h1> </div> Thank you very much for you help. David.
  8. Hi I want to ask how could I get the value which the user type in or select when I use the Bootstrap forms functions? Like <label class="checkbox inline"> <input type="checkbox" id="inlineCheckbox1" value="option1"> 1 </label> <label class="checkbox inline"> <input type="checkbox" id="inlineCheckbox2" value="option2"> 2 </label> <label class="checkbox inline"> <input type="checkbox" id="inlineCheckbox3" value="option3"> 3 </label> or <select> <option>1</option> <option>2</option> <option>3</option> <option>4</option> <option>5</option> </select> I am not sure if I could ask here, could someone help me? Thanks :-)
  9. On the sections demo page found here (http://demo.pagelines.me/sections/) there is scroll spy enabled that moves down each section. When I downloaded and installed the demo content the sections were all setup (masthead, banners, boxes, etc) but scroll spy doesn't move between those sections. The issue scroll spy needs both a class and title attribute. However I don't think I can add that to sections. I can add some HTML to the content, but that is one block only, not interspersed throughout the page. The demo page seems to be setup like this [sroll Spy] [html with scroll spy classes and title for boxes] [boxes] [html with scroll spy classes and title for banners] [banners] [html with scroll spy classes and title for masthead] [Masthead] I can only figure out how to do the following: [sroll Spy] [html with scroll spy classes and title for boxes] [boxes] [banners] [Masthead] How do I get the ability to inject raw html between the sections in a template? Attached is a screenshot on how it looks on my development site.
  10. When I write HTML on a page or post, it isn't behaving like boostrap would. For example, when I make two columns, each a "span6" I expect the columns to fill up 50% of the value, but then at phone size fill up 100% of the value (i.e. move from two columns to a single column) See this code: <div class="row-fluid"> <div class="span6"> Hello Worlds </div> <div class="span6"> Bye World </div> </div> However Pagelines just behaves like each div is 50% throughout all viewports, even the phone viewport. Why?
  11. Hi All Site: http://tectrixone.com/our-products/ I'm trying to use Bootstrap Icons in Accordion headers but I don't seem to be able to use the Bootstrap icon code (or for that matter any text style code) mixed in with the pl-accordion shortcode. I can of course change the whole style of the Accordion header in CSS but I want to differentiate the arrow color from the text color. Anyone done this or have any pointers it would be much appreciated - Many thanks -- Fintan
  12. Bootstrap buttons

    I noticed that the PageLines shortcode for buttons defaults to type="info" if no type is specified. Why is it not the same default as Bootstrap's default ( http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap/base-css.html#buttons )? I tested "danger" and it actually resulted in the Bootstrap default/silver button. I tested "default" and it did the same. In fact, adding type="anything-that-is-not-recognized" results in the Bootstrap default/silver button. 1) is type="default" the recommended/approved way to get the default/silver button? 2) why does "important" make a red button but "danger" does not? 3) I tried type="link" and it didn't generate the Bootstrap 'link' button type. How can I get that? 4) Why is the button size "small" not supported? Only "mini" and "large" are supported per http://demo.pagelin.co.in/framework/tools/ . Can you add support for "small" size? 5) I noticed http://demo.pagelin.co.in/framework/tools/ documentation does not mention type="primary" or how to get the "default" button. I think it should. 6) Can you add shortcode support for the "disabled" class? Thank you.
  13. So I had a brainstorm this morning and thought that it would be great to have within Pagelines, the ability to add in the responsive utility classes (from Bootstrap) for each section. So for instance, if you wanted to set up the boxes to only show when viewing via desktop, you can select a dropdown "visible-desktop." I envision this being a selection in many places around the Pagelines site options, but especially in the Page Options and in the meta setting for each page/post. My $.02
  14. Hi guys! First, you still rock! ok, here is the link: http://refined.huntersfairwaysothebysinternationalrealty.com/list-with-us/marketing-your-home/ I have 4 tabs but the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th tabs are not separating correctly, or at all. I re-created the shortcode in a new page to test and it works fine. I do have 'shortcode within shortcode' but it doesn't seem to be an issue on the first tab. I have HTML within the shortcode, as well. I have most of the page enclosed in [pl_raw] tags but I need that because the tabs design is all messed up without it. what should I do? here is the shortcode I tested and use:
  15. Quickedit Fixed

    I noticed that when I go into QuickEdit mode for my custom post-types the screen real-estate is crushed into the left hand side of the available space. After investigation it appears to be a CSS setting from Pagelines that you're potentially inheriting from Bootstrap. The entry in question is the "float: left" here: As an example this results in the following for my UOM custom post type: Yet if I turn off the "float: left" in the debugger it returns to this: Normally I'd just solve this for myself but as it's likely to effect others AND it is really hard to clear a "float:left" post-facto so overriding it nearly impossible (well at least it's harder than i'd have expected).
  16. Hi. So, according to http://demo.pagelines.me/tools/ to add standard bootstrap style button easily to my site, I'd do the following: [pl_button type="success" size="large" link="http://google.com" target="blank"]Launch Tour[/pl_button] That basic scenario works well enough, but what I'd really like this newly created button to do is something more complex. I'd like it to act just like this regular text link I've created: <a onclick="PopupCenter('http://exampletourli...om/example.html' 'tour',1300,830);" href="javascript:void(0);">temp launch tour link</a> The question is how do I get the onclick info into the bootstrap button shortcode? Will the javascript:void(0) portion work as the replacement link="xxx"? Thank you, Chris
  17. Hi, again... I'm using a bootstrap modal on this page, at the very bottom, just above the footer: http://www.designsbyfelicia.com/services/space-planning-services/ It's the purple link that reads "click here to read the terms and conditions" What do I need to do in order to make this modal "scrollable" so reader can review the whole text??? Thanks
  18. Weird Issue With Icon Font

    Hi there... When I updated to the latest version of Pagelines I started encountering a weird issue with the Bootstrap icons I'm using throughout the site. There's a weird shadow showing up, it's like the icon is there a couple of times, sometimes in same color and sometimes in different colors... The result is illegible icons... URL: http://designsbyfelicia.com -> you can view the problem in the purple buttons near the top, and in orange buttons that are further down... Another example: http://www.designsbyfelicia.com/services/ -> check out the arrow icons being used in orange buttons... all wack! Please advice! Thanks! Beny Schonfeld
  19. Scrollspy problem

    Hi I'm using the Scrollspy section on one of my pages. The action works great, whizzing down to the relevant section of the page and back, the menu sticking to the top of the page. My problem is that the highlight of the 'current' section (which I have styled orange). As soon as you scroll down the page the last button get the current styling, which then stays... The custom css styling hasn't caused this, as it happens with or without. This is the relevant page thanks kk
  20. Is it possible to customise the behaviour of the bootstrap carousel using the shortcodes? Sepecifically I want to have carousel set to pause unless the user clicks, so no auto sliding at all. I've tried this: [pl_carousel name="cameraslider" data-pause="true"] also, for a different slider I would like to change the speed of the sliding: [pl_carousel name="trailerslider" data-interval=1000 data-pause="hover"] but the speed seems to remain constant whatever value I put after the data-interval attrinbute (the pause on hover does work!) thanks
  21. Hello, I'm using some bootstrap code in a universal sidebar to arrange my header just how I want it. I'm trying to add the phone icon and number below the login area. I can easily add the phone number, but once I add the html for the icon everything on the page gets messed up. The page currently only has the phone number since it becomes illegible with the use of the icon. Anyone else had this issue? Seems like a weird tiny thing to have such a drastic effect. Thanks in advance. http://www.discovery...rcing.com/test/
  22. Tooltip Position

    Hi I have just udated to 2.3.1, and now the tootlips which weren't working at all, are working, which is great. However, the positioning is not working. I have the following shortcode on the frontpage of my site. [pl_tooltip tip="Played by Mark Killeen" location="top"]banker [/pl_tooltip] but the tooltip still shows up to the right! Ironic, as the udate was all about fixing positioning. I'm very happy that the tooltip is working at all though! Question 2. Is there any way to style the link for a tooltips and popovers differently to other links, to make it differentiate between links that are clickable? thanks kk
  23. Tooltip position

    I am using the bootstrap tooltip shortcode on my site and having trouble with the positioning in safari and google chrome... http://mediplay.yodro.com/sign-up/ *If you hover over the icons you will see the tooltip... The issue does not appear in Firefox or IE - Does anyone know how to correct this issue? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  24. Hello, Today, i give a presentation to my client regarding bootstrap site (non-pagelines yet, coz it still a dummy site), but i got so ashamed because the layout look very miserably. And i just found out that IE 8 does not support media-queries. i google and found two solution: http://ghita.org/tipoftheday/css-media-queries-for-ie and http://code.google.com/p/css3-mediaqueries-js/ but both of it, can't solve my problem on media queries, as i shown here: http://www.doxadigital.com/scrape/mediaqueries.html (using css3-mediaqueries.js) and http://www.doxadigital.com/scrape/mediaqueries2.html (using css-media-queries-for-ie.js) any idea how to solve my problem, i only got 2 days for a revision.. Thanks !