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  1. I have a green background image in the body and a white colored header.   body{background: url(".../bg-copy1.png") repeat-x scroll 0 0 #82B64A;   color: #EEEEEE;}   #header {background: #ffffff;}   I am wanting to put another image over the white header and over the original background image in the body. I have been able to get it in the brandnav section but I can't seem to extend it into the content area, while leaving the header in place.... any thoughts?   I'm trying to accomplish something like this, just with a white header... http://www.emotionslive.co.uk/
  2. Hi, I'm looking for the module that contains the body tag, as we were given the following instruction for adding a popup window script: Insert the following line into your page's BODY tag, immediately before the > character. Thank you.
  3. body content margins.

    here is the blog post: http://hfsir.com/1548-south-kembley-avenue-palatine-il-60067/ I hid the blog title at the top of the page, but the top of the video I embedded does not line up with the top of the sidebar. I am trying to locate the css for this, but I cant get it right for some reason.